Wild Tales from Laguna Del Tigre National park

Lying on the northwestern part of Peten there are many wetlands that are a part of Central America. It has the best population of scarlet macaws and Guatemala is surely a place to visit. These are being protected through the conservation efforts at a biological research station.

The Biotop Laguna Del Tigre Rio Escodido has two biological stations that are open to all the researchers. Travellers coming here enjoy the tours here and the Scarlet Macaw Trail is a very popular tour here in this part of the world. the tour is reasonably priced and the duration of the trip can be adjusted as per our preferences.

Hikes are also a major part of the visitors here and the sight of the lovely forest lands are a major delight to all the tourists coming here. Local scientists here work to take care of the scarlet macaws. There is a biological station nearby that gives the best accommodations on the stretch of jungle land beside the river. There are travellers who in fact extend their stay so that they can enjoy the fascinating cliffs of Buena Vista. These are seen standing out in the surroundings here and give great views from the top.

Buena Vista

One can reach the Laguna Del Tigre national Park or the Waka Peru through a dirt road . this dirt road heads northwest goes up from Flores to the Paso Caballos village which is around two hours from here. Take a motorboat ride up to Rio Sacluc and you are in Waka Peru.

The Laguna Del Tigre has a biodiversity that is really fascinating and you would find around 17 amphibian species, 90 butterfly species and has the most valuable collection of jaguar, Baird’s tapir, the collared peccary and the red brocket deer and also the howler monkey. It has the highest collection of crocodiles in Guatemala. Today the park is one of the most popular sites for nesting of the world famous scarlet macaw. The species has recorded nests in Guatemala and these are found in the southeastern region of the protected areas and surrounding regions.

There are three species that are a part of the IUCN’s Red list and are considered endangered globally. These are the Baird’s Tapir, the Mesoamerican turtle, and the black howler monkey. There are also other endangered species like the scarlet macaw, felines, and the Morelet’s crocodile.

Morelet's crocodile

Thus Peten lying to the north of the Guatemala region has the largest region of the humid tropical forests of the Mesoamerican regions. In spite of the rich biodiversity of the region, not much conservation has been taken for maintaining this.

Guatemala has around 80% of forest area and the biodiversity and the freshwater reservoirs must be conserved here. The Laguna Del Tigre Reserve is one of the 14 ecosystems that are very crucial and important to the Maya  Biosphere Reserve. This is also the only place where you can find the Scarlet Macaw reproducing. With the densest population of the Mesoamerican River Turtle, the region is certainly a site to visit and provides immense attractions to tourists coming to this part of the world.

There have been many efforts to protect this region and it is interesting to see that the national park which is a safe place for many species of migratory birds has the best collection of flora and fauna and also the most unique habitat for the endangered species.

Biosphere Reserve

Come here and enjoy the pleasures of a land that is the most fascinating and the most interesting and make your tours to Central America memorable.

Visit the Laguna Del Tigre Reserve and enjoy the pleasures of a better paradise and take back a valuable travel kitty.

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