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Wudang Mountain is situated in the Shiyan City of the Hubei Province. It is renowned as across the city as the Taoist memorial. Commonly it is known as the Xuanyue and the Taihe mountains. The huge old building structures and the attractive natural sceneries are very much popular. UNESCO has declared the Wudang Mountains as the World Heritage Site in the year 1994.


During the Tang reign the construction of the old building structures was started. The 5 dragon temple was constructed during the rule of Emperor Taizong. The temple of 5 dragon was been constructed on the Wudang Mountain. Around 33 palaces were constructed during the Ming’s rule. The construction includes the Palace of Harmony, Yuxu Palace, the Yuzhen Palace and also the Grand Purple cloud palace. Later the huge and splendid structure was been constructed.

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Today the existing structure’s compound includes the Grand Purple Cloud Palace, the Palace of Harmony and the South Cliff Palace, remnants of the Yuxu Palace the Yuzhen Palace, the 5 Dragon inherited Temple, the Fuzhen Temple, and also the Xuanyue Gate which is a gigantic arcade

The palace of Harmony is located at the Tianzhu Peak’s southern division. The palace composes the Forbidden City, the Gutong Hall and also the Golden palace. Golden palace is commonly known as the Golden peak. Most of the celebrations take place in the Golden Palace. The Golden palace is 10 feet wide and 20 feet high and also 13 feet long. Bronze is used for the construction of the palace. Emperor Zhenwu’s statue is placed in the hall near the memorial of Jade Girl and the Golden Boy. He is attended by the generals of water and fire on his either sides. The weight of the statute is around 22,046 pounds. A golden plate hangs over the shrine and has 4 Chinese characters written on it. The characters are written an emperor named Kangxi who belonged to the Qing Dynasty. The 4 characters are Xiang, Jin, Miao and Guang. Even after so many years the palace still has its richness and glamour.

The Grand Purple cloud palace:

The Grand Purple cloud palace is located just beneath the Zhanqi Peak. It is the most-conserved as well as a splendid structures ever constructed on the Wudang Mountain. The Grand Purple cloud palace covers an area of around two acres. The palace comprises of the Tiger and Dragon Hall, the Shifang Hall, the Stele Pavilion, the Grand Hall of Purple Cloud Palace, the Parents’ Hall, and many other such buildings. The palace is enveloped by blue colored glazing tiles and has blue as well as yellow colored carving on the roofs. The most wonderful wooden arrangement found on the mountain is placed in the Grand Hall.

Grand Purple cloud palace

The South Cliff Palace:

The South Cliff Palace is located beneath the Duyang Cliff. The palace has around 2 bearings hall, 1 Tianyi Hall, 8 diagrams Pavilion, the flying Cliff, the south heaven gate etc. The palace was constructed during the Yuan dynasty in the year 1271-1368. The Tianyi Zhenqing hall is the most famous hall in the palace. Every door, beam, pillar as well as windows are engraved in the stone. The palace is completely carved out of the stone and is a popular Chinese work of art.

How to reach:

The Shiyan city has its own large railways station which is very-well connected to other important cities in the country. The nearest airport is the Tianhe Airport which is located in Wuhan City. Wuhan city is connected to Shiyan city by means of roads as well as railways.

When to visit:

Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Shiyan city.

Entrance Charges:

Every individual has to pay CNY 110 as an entrance charge. Further additional CNY 20 is required to visit the Golden palace and CNY 15 to visit the Grand Purple Cloud Palace. You can have a tour across the mountain that will hardly cost you CNY 70 for a round trip. You can use the cable car by paying CNY 80 for a round trip.

Opening times:

The palaces on the Wudang Mountains are open throughout the year for visits from 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening.

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