Victoria Falls Lunar Rainbow: A phenomenon spectacle to savor

There is not much introduction needed for Victoria Falls, which is the most amazing and wonderful falls on earth. People who once see the falls are bound to come back for just another view and again another view.

Water falls is amazingly beautiful natural phenomenon that one man should see once in his life. There is some ultimate beauty and appeal that is in seeing water fall from such a great height. There is some sought of great pull or allure that waterfalls send, kind of vibe of perseverance, of gorgeous beauty and unlished power of nature.

Victoria Falls is fabulous sight, in day or during night, with the sounds of immense volumes of water cascading down its gorge, which has been wrought by some million years by water flowing through it. Seeing rainbow aligned with backdrop of African sky in night is exceptional experience.

Victoria Falls is one of the limited numbers of sites in the globe that’s known for the moonbow occurrence. In the world there are some four other sites which can guarantee you, where you can see this spectacle of lunar rainbow on the days of full moon.

Victoria Falls Lunar Rainbow

Lunar rainbows, is a common term which is also known by the name as moonbows basically are rainbows, which occurs at night. That’s right you are reading, rainbows as per you are formed because of sun light getting dispersed, in a very same way Lunar Rainbows are resulted because of light reflected from moon. A normal rainbow is formed because the sunlight gets reflected through water present in the atmosphere; a lunar rainbow is also resulted because the moonlight is then reflected through water which in turn shows dispersed lights as a form of rainbow.

In order for sighting lunar rainbow, it has to be clear night that is not at all cloudy which allows the moon lights to seep in, also it has to be full moon and with rain in opposite distance.

But at Victoria Falls for Lunar rainbow all that is needed is full moon for seeing one of nature’s most lovely and elusive sights. Victoria Falls is known for having constant rainbow during day time. Victoria Falls is one of the ultimate destination to this spectacular phenomenon of Lunar Rainbow because immeasurable volume of the mist from immense falls is known to create so much of mist that this place is known to guarantee for the sighting of lunar rainbow which is so clearly visible during the full moon.

Adults as well as children loves to marvel at the astonishing sight, and not to mention what kind of affects it creates on the couples! A rainbow which is generated during the moonlight, and by the moonlight, for your moon, what could be more romantic place then this for honeymoon!

When there is full moon, Victoria Falls Park remains open till late for allowing visitors to see Lunar Rainbow an awesome phenomenon.

When visiting the Victoria Falls, you must check whether the date is matching with moon when it is full, and then delight your loved and special one to one of the most romantic evening of her life time. And moreover its all free and best!

Photography tips:

  • A tripod is necessary.
  • You need to focus on to the infinity, set the camera on the manual mode that is on f5.6 and then try series of shutter’s speeds from four seconds to some thirty seconds.
  • Shaking one’s camera by pressing shutter is not as such a problem because the shutter’s delay is such that it is long because of presence of only low light.
  • Do Experiment with different shutter speeds as well as with f stops. The higher your f stop will be longer the shutter.

Dates for Spectacle sighting of Lunar Rainbow at Victoria Falls:

As Lunar Rainbow is visible only on full moon nights so you need to make sure of booking your trip according to lunar dates of full moon time!

2010 January 30 Saturday
2010 February 28 Sunday
2010 March 30 Tuesday
2010 April 28 Wednesday
2010 May 27 Thursday
2010 June 26 Saturday
2010 July 26 Monday
2010 August 24 Tuesday
2010 September 23 Thursday
2010 October 23 Saturday
2010 November 21 Sunday
2010 December 21 Tuesday

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