Trip to River Nile

Known for the storehouse of teeming population of animals and the telltale pyramids of the past Africa’s nook and corner offers a great time for ecotourism. The most treasured part of Africa is supposed to be Egypt as it is filled with the wonders one learns in the history books during childhood. The great river Nile has charted its course through the land of Egypt and floating on the historical river for over a week will be a valuable memoir for any traveler. Floating through the placid water of Nile and halting periodically at significant tourist spots of Egypt will fill this 8 day trip of bat sailing. I bet the 8 day long tour will whisk away and you will look at your watch suspiciously thinking it might have traveled faster than before.

The trip is named as “sail the Nile in Style” and the tour operators will come to pick you up from the Luxor airport or Aswan airport on the first day. For the next one week the sailing ship SS Hadeel will be your temporary address. For the first day you can bump into the temples in Luxor and from the second day onward your journey will start. On the second day SS Hadeel will take you to the west bank of river Nile where you can visit the tombs and of the Egyptian Kings and the temple of female pharaoh Hatshepsut. An interesting place to visit in this part of Nile’s bank is Deir El Medina. This is the place where the workers of Pharaoh were buried in colorful tombs.

On the subsequent days of the tour you will be going El Kab, Gebel el Silsila, the beautiful temple Kom Ombo, and on the seventh day you will reach the deserts of Aswan and Nubean. You can take a camel ride over the yellow sands of Egypt.


During the low season £ 1,485 is charged per person sharing.

During the high season from October to April £ 1,915 is charged per person sharing.

Best time to visit:

It is better to visit the place not in summer as the temperature stays too high.

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