Triggering Alarming Conditions In Antarctica

Antarctica… purely authentic white chilled beauty, irreproachable facets… This southernmost stormy land changes its colors with its mood; it is a mesmerizing land that nurtures the wilderness with utmost care and affection, and above all it is isolated and excitingly dangerous… yet everyone earnestly desires to visit Antarctica once in a lifetime. But does any one realize how fragile Antarctic’s ecological system is? And there cravings yield to threatening repercussions that has to be faced by this immaculate land. People turn here to turn their dreams into reality which has led to a steep rise in the tourists’ figures peaking by 14% and numbers have crossed 37,000 over the last season. On the contrary, the menacing level has no chances of diving because it is anticipated that this destination will experience large flocks of tourists.

The 32nd annual international consultative meeting on Antarctic treaty was held in Baltimore, U.S. for discussing the problems and finding crucial answers that can help in preserving the ecological system of Antarctica. The meeting was attended by 400 diplomats, polar scientists hailing from 47 different countries, Antarctic program managers and logistic experts.

Scientists have alarmed over the point that Antarctic is the fastest warming place on Earth. Environment specialists propound their point of view by saying that tourism have burdened this eco-sensitive land under immense pressure and ultimately led to the devastation of the ice shelves. During the meeting, American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cited that “With the [April 4] collapse of an ice bridge that holds in place the Wilkins Ice Shelf in the Antarctic, we are reminded that global warming has already had enormous effects on our planet and we have no time to lose in tackling this crisis.”


The treaty concluded over the point that Antarctica cannot be used for mineral exploitation; military and nuclear activities have been banned in this continent. However, scientific experiments and investigations are allowed in Antarctica. But, this is not the conclusion to life-threatening hazards; one ought to comprehend the gravity of situation and leave their actions accordingly.

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