Trekking in Bhutan

The landscapes and terrains offered by Bhutan can be as diverse as the alpine meadows, the dense forests, the lush valleys and the snowy high mountain peaks. The most rewarding and exciting experience for a trekker is the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Bhutan mountain peaks

For a trekker it is a must visit destination. Through trekking one can visit the mountain areas and the rural regions. These treks are camp based. The kingdom of Bhutan is rich in wildlife and nature. Trekking in Bhutan can help you spot wildlife, wildflowers and variety of birds.

Best time to trek?

You can witness the ancient culture and interact with local people to gain insight into their way of living. One can see small villages and their beautiful houses of stone which makes for a picturesque sight. The best time to visit Bhutan for trekking is in the months of April to June and from September to November.

One can come across rural valleys where farming is done, huge herds of yak and nomadic tents while trekking through the lush green flower scattered meadows. Varied monasteries and sights of religious relics can be visited which show the deep inherent Buddhist values of Bhutan.

Trekking in Bhutan

Bumthang Cultural Trek:

The trekker can get an insight into the ancient and rare culture of some of the rural lovely villages of Bhutan in a seven day trek. Trekking through the Lhakhangs you can interact and see the farming life styles of the people of Bhutan.

Your fitness will be challenged as you climb up to the 3360m Phephe pass. These are trips that take you far from the regular paths and give you fantastic and stunning views.

Bumthang Cultural Trek

On one of my journeys along with my trekking buddies we decided to trek across the Bumthang trail. It all began with the flight into Paro in the national carrier Druk air. This flight is a beautiful and stunning beginning to the country of Bhutan. We stayed overnight at a Hotel in Thimphu.

We left in the morning after having breakfast on a 9 hour drive to Bumthang. It was exhausting yet the eyes begged to see the lush green sights on our way.  We started trekking on the third day.

Bumthang Cultural Trekking

The trekking route from Jakar to Nagang Lakhang follows the river of Chamkar chu. There are many old yet divine temples and villages along the way. We hiked for almost six hours yet it was an easy and relaxing hike. Our camp at the village was situated at an altitude of 2900 meters.

The next trekking route is from Ngang Lhakang to Ugyenchholing. We climbed the terrain towards the Phephe la pass. It is a gradual climb and very enjoyable.  We reached the pass which is at 3340 meters after we traversed the serene forests of junipers.

It took us around eight hours to reach the camp village. We climbed down from the pass to the Tang valley. Our beautiful village is located right next to the river. We are real tired but can’t help splashing around in the waters.

On the fifth day we woke up the bright morning in the village camp. Our bodies were unwilling to move but our mind kept us going. We walked up to Ugyenchholing dzong and the surrounding village. We then drove with the tour guide to the main road junction following the river Tang chu.

Bhutan trekking

We also visited the Membertsho Lake as this lake has historical relevance. This is the place where the reincarnation guru Padmasambava, Terton Pemalingpa discovered religious treasure. The people of Bhutan offer butter lams during festivities at this sacred lake. We stayed overnight at the lodge and the next drove to Paro to catch our flight back home.

Our enchanting trek here gave us memories to last a lifetime.

Trekking in Bhutan

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