Top Ten Destinations around the World to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Although Chinese lion dance and fireworks are important ingredients of Chinese New Year, there is much more to it. Similar to the Christmas celebration in the west, New Year in China is the biggest celebration in the country.

However, unlike Christmas, the date of festival isn’t always constant because it depends on the solar calendar (traditionally lunar calendar). The calendar, with 12 animals, assigns an animal to every Chinese year. And it is considered that the year’s traits would be quite similar to the animal. 2010 is the Year of Golden Tiger. And here’s something interesting, the celebration lasts for around 15 days, from New Moon Day to Full Moon, staring from 14th Feb 2010.

The history, customs, and calendar of Chinese civilization is too long to explain in a short article. Hence, let us now focus on the more important aspect of the festival – The Celebration. Unlike many other regional celebrations, Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world. Here are the top ten destinations, other than China, where this festival is celebrated with remarkable decoration, tremendous enthusiasm, and maximum fun.

chinese new year china

1. Singapore

The festival bazaars, sparkling lights, and endless celebration fill up the streets of Singapore. From cuisine to decoration to structures, every minute detail has a Chinese influence. If you aren’t in China, this is the best place to visit Chunjie: year of tiger. Last year, the boulevards were crammed full with people participating in “Parade of Dreams” during the New Year celebration. Along with gorgeous, enthusiastic people, the cultural exposition of fireworks, music, and crafts garnished the festival. Chinese New Year in Australia

2. Sydney, Australia

With pristine beaches, gorgeous reefs, and amazing wildlife, celebrating Chinese New Year in Australia is a pleasure. This is a place with largest celebration of Lunar New Year, outside Asia, takes place. Last Year over 600,000 people celebrated this festival in Sydney. Major enthusiasts were attracted by Jackie Chan, brand ambassador for year 2009 New Year celebration in Sydney.

This year, with Chinese New Year Twilight Parade and many other special packages for tourists, it is expected to be a huge success. The number of visitors will definitely be more than last year.

3. London, UK

Chinatown londonSince past many years, this location is a hotspot for Lunar New Year celebration. The London Chinatown Chinese Association takes care of the celebration in this city. This year, on 21st February 2010, Leicester Square, China Town, and Trafalqar Square are places not to be missed.

The official opening ceremony will be in Trafalqar Square which will be followed by many performances as well as lions, Chinese dragons and other Chinese dances. However, Chinatown will be a place more interesting than any other city in UK. With cultural cuisines, remarkable fireworks, and lion dances, celebration in Chinatown is like that in China. There will be stage performances, parades, and much more.

4. Paris, France

Probably, Chinese New Year celebration is more famous in Paris than in China. At least that’s what is seems when you paris chinese new yearlook at the city streets in the New Year week. Millions of people gather around the city to watch the joyful parade that encompasses multihued dragons, enthusiastic dancers, cheerful musicians, magnificent flags, and powerful Chinese influence. The Chinese bistros are teeming with locals and visitors to savor the food along with music, dance, and film festivals. It is indeed an unforgettable experience.

5. Helsinki, Finland

There is great co-relation and cooperation between Beijing and Helsinki. And it can be clearly seen during the Chinese New Year celebration in this city. Every minute of these 15 days are filled with Chinese elements that compose the New Year in Helsinki. With vibrant embellishment, lively performances, marvelous fireworks, busy Chinese markets, and live transmission of Beijing New Year Celebrations, Helsinki is amongst the best place in world to celebrate this year of tiger.

6. Los AngelesLunar New Year los angeles

The Lunar New Year is being celebrated in Los Angeles since last 110 years. More than a celebration, it’s a tradition for this city. The Golden Dragon Parade arranged by The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles attracted around 110,000 last year. Thousands of people around the world wait eagerly to watch the live telecast of this parade. However, watching it and being a part of it is very different.

The parade will start on 20th February 2010 and end on 21st 2010 with a wild celebration. If you are in Los Angeles, missing this event is utter foolishness.

chinese New Year in hong kong7. Hong Kong

Rather than reading the history and traditions about Chinese New Year celebration, it’s advisable to be a part of Hong Kong celebration. Every tradition, customs, rituals, and superstitions is believed and carried on during this celebration. Exchanging gifts, like Christmas, is another important ritual of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. However, to savor the real Chinese influence of the festivity, visit the 24 hours temple and the flower market, which is quite unique and soul-revitalizing.

8. San Francisco

Started after Gold Rush period, the South-West Airlines Chinese New year Parade is now a tradition in San Francisco. San Francisco chinese new yearHundreds of thousands of tourists come to this city just to witness the magnificence and diversity of this parade. No other city in the world celebrates Lunar New Year with such graceful costumes, fierce lions, mind-numbing firecrackers, stunning floats, and other beautiful decoration. The elegance of this celebration is spiced with the presence of Miss Chinatown, USA, who joins the parade. This parade is the best place to be in 2010.

9. New York City

The city is always gorgeous to be in. However, this gorgeous city becomes unmatched when the streets are submerged by Chinese influence all over. On 14th Feb, 2010, there is Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival in Columbus Park. Whereas, the 11th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade and Festival will be held on 21st Feb that will cover Mott Canal, Bayard Streets, Chinatown, and east Broadway.

10. Many Places in UK

UK seems to be hub of Chinese New Year celebration as all its major cities will be seen swaying the Chinese Flag from 14th Feb 2010. Various fun events are organized in Birmingham, Cardiff, and Kent, while Liverpool, Manchester, and Edinburgh will indulge in wild celebrations.

The celebration of Chinese New Year in 2010 will be a mix blend for lovers as they will be a part of Valentine’s Day as well. Many cities around the world are planning and finding ways to merge the celebration and provide people with ultimate fun, pure pleasure, and Chinese roars.

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  1. Donatello says:

    This article shows how diverse the world is! Its not only China where it is celebrated, all over the world celebrates the Chinese New year!

  2. Leonardo says:

    I have got some Chinese friends and they always call me to celebrate with them. Their whole culture is different then us and it is really very good to be one of them.

  3. Lee says:

    I never knew people celebrate in all these destinations. I know Chinese people are all over the world doing great achievements and this is the best way for their appreciation.

  4. Adrian says:

    I just missed the celebration in Sydney, due to my studies i had to leave for Melbourne. It was really amazing my friends said. I have promised to myself that I will celebrate it next year!

  5. Chris says:

    I have never seen or celebrated Chinese new year. This article has really amazed me. I was so much into this article that i even forgot my dinner. People are so enthu to celebrate it!

  6. Cena says:

    I think there will be Chinatown Chinese association in every continent. There are many as such association created where people join their own community and celebrate it.

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