The Very Majestic Destination of Malta

Vacationing in Malta could be once in a life time experience. A popular spot among travel enthusiasts, what attracts the many visitors hitting the Malta Islands are the umpteen options when it comes to making a vacation in to a perfect vacation with its wide variety of options when it comes to entertainment, great locations, a perfect climate and most importantly the most amazing beaches that is no less than a haven for the sun-sand-surf lovers. The smiling locals with a friendly nature add to the overall experience of holidaying at Malta in the company of inhabitants who warmly greet the guests coming down for a good time.

But if you thought, that was all you could claim from the scintillating island of Malta, then you’re certainly quicker than a frog to leap to such conclusions. Apart from the sunny tales and the sandy affairs, it is the great and long-winding cultural legacy going down the sometime gory as well as a glorious past. A perfect holiday on the Malta Islands would entail beach adventure as well as tours to many great destinations with a historic significance all around the place. Since, the island of Malts is a rather compact place, it is easy for one to go about difference beaches and destinations, as they all are well-connected with each other at a short distance. This is what truly makes Malta one of the best and ideal places for vacation.

Malta island

A bit of Geographic Orientation

The Republic of Malta consists a cluster of islands which nestles three most significant islands called the Gozo Island, Comino Island and last but by no means the least, rather the largest in all the three is the Malta Islands. While the islands are located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, above Libya and down below Italy, the capital city of Malta is the vibrant Valletta while the city biggest in expanse is the place of Qormi. There is a thick concentration of locals in the Birkirkara area.

Malta is just the right place for one and all!

Not only a honeymoon destination, but the wide array of activities that the place offers to the traveler coming in, also makes it a much family vacation spot to unwind from the city’s monotony and hustle-bustle. Vacations at Malta are perfect owing to the awe-inspiring locations, beautiful villages where fishing is the primary activity. So you can bask under the sun away to glory while trying to find your catch. All the leading hotels and resorts are concentrated on the northern side of the island. These resorts are in close proximity with all the leading destinations and areas of interest which can also be found on the northern part of the Malta Island.

From the many places of interest, the leading ones include the Qawra, Bugibba and also St. Paul’s Bay is the place where maximum number of plush hotels and resorts can be found. These small towns sprawled along the northern shores of Malta Islands makes for a highly flocked destination. With a number of beaches on the north coastline being rocky and terrain like, there are some beaches, though smaller ones out of which some can also be said to man made. These beaches make for a great place to absorb the sun-shine and reach the ocean waters.


Claim Your Share of Adventure under the sun

Form some of the best and largest beaches, head on to the eastern and northern sides of the island. The neighboring island of Gozo also emerges as a hot-spot for many marine activities like snorkeling and scuba-diving. The marine life can be spectacled here at its best than any other place. You can find a large number of aquatic species and have a time of your life under the oceanic waters.

Malta Scuba Diving

For beach lovers, this is certainly what they shouldn’t be missing on. Gozo particularly boasts of Ramla il-Hamla, while in the north western region of Malta Island, do soak some sunshine at the Gnejna and Paradise Bays.

The best time to visit the island to avoid much tourist in-flow is the months of July and August. The night life at the Malta Islands is electrifying and abuzz with party animals from around the globe. It also makes for a great place to make some local acquaintance and break the ice with other travelers alike. A most definite yes on any traveler’s agenda, do zing up your next vacation to the spectacular Malta Islands.

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