The Blazing Auburn Charm of Marrakech – Morocco

This “Red City” of Morocco is going to strike a chord with the one who is undying wanderlust can somewhat find a refuge over here. With bustling bazaars, vibrant colors, traditional charm – the visitor is going to be wrapped up in the culture of Morocco as the air breathes that old world charm which becomes hard to miss. The city of Marrakech in Morocco is an amazingly exciting destination where travelers experience the untouched spirit of Marrakech. This is the city which enlivens all the senses, be it the sights or the sounds or even the smells; the whole feel of Morocco conjures up for a sort of traveling in time, as if entered a who different land which is soaked in its own culture and wrapped in timeless enigma.

Marrakech city tour

Exploring the Medina which is also referred to as the old village is unrivaled for its authenticity and cannot be compared to any other place all over the world. Morocco is abuzz with tourists and it is the city of Marrakech which magnetizes a large number of crowds every year because of all that it has to offer to the traveler and alike.

If one has little time while in Morocco, it is suggested to devote all that time to this very city, which is open to argument though, however, vacationing over here compares to the best experiences that the tourism of Morocco has in store to offer. The very first views of the city are awe-inspiring and gripping. With the scenic background of the mighty Atlas Mountains, Marrakech earns its distinctive beauty and popularity emerging as the fourth-biggest city in the whole of Morocco.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin – ruler of the Berber Almoravid founded the city of Marrakech in the period of 1062 AD. The emperor further strengthened the empire of the Almoravid dynasty by spreading its rule over the peninsula of Iberian, that in contemporary times comprises the territory of Portugal and Spain. However, with the changing times, about eighty years later, the dynasty of the Almoravid came to be overthrown by the dynasty of the Berber Muslim Almohad. The intrusion of the Almohad interfered with the construction of the former dynasty to taint the legacy left by them.

However, Marrakech was yet to see its glorious time emerging as the capital center for the entire dynasty of the Almohad, thus paving way for much cultural and regal time to leave a mark on the face of city today. During the rule of the Almohad, the emperor was fond of literature and creativity which got a boost because of the personal interest of the ruler. That is the reason why the cultural past of Marrakech is so ethereal because of the contributions of renowned and scholarly Arabic philosophers and poets who gathered here for the means of recreation of the ruler. Even today, as one explores Marrakech, the landmark structure of the Koutoubia Mosque can be found here, that was built under the rule of the Almohad dynasty. The minaret of this mosque has lent much inspiration to famous contemporary architects, who have left the inspirational imprints on the Manhattan Municipal Building in the New York City and also the Seville – which is Spain’s La Giralda minaret.

Koutoubia Mosque

Also, Marrakech has been under the control of the French Rulers which gradually led to the city evolving as the second biggest hub of trade after Casablanca. The French were also responsible for the building the Ville Nouvelle around the nineteen thirty’s. The Ville Nouvelle just as it sounds us the new city. However, today, it is the old city which attracts the tourists in large numbers as it takes one right to Marrakech’s beating heart of the past. The Jamaa el Fna square is one of the busiest squares and it is here where tourists can spectacle the splendors of the local life.

Jamaa el Fna square

Like any Middle East Nation, a visit to Marrakech cannot be complete without some shopping indulgence in the typical bazaars which is referred to as souqs in the traditional sense. It is these bazaars which offer a medley of sight, sounds and smells for the senses. For it is here, that one can find everything from spices to antique stuff to artifacts and of course perfumes. Bargaining should be an integral part of your communication and there should bring no shame.

Souk Marrakech

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  1. Juliett Blake says:

    I am reminded of the fun trip we had here with my family..We had a driver all to ourselves throughout Morocco which enabled us to spend whatever time we wanted at the sites and change the itinerary as desired.The driver spoke a mix of french and English but was just fine. In Marrakech we had a fluent English guide..My heartfelt gratitude to our tour guide fro making our experience so memorable..It turned out not only to be a trip but a humanly enriching experience for our children..Visiting a country completely different from the western world and seeing the day to day life of the Moroccan people firsthand…What could be more enriching than life experiences like that!

  2. Warren Louis says:

    Hi Juliett, In summer our family tries whenever possible to take our children for trips that help them learn about the life of people in different parts of the world..Truly,just by being there for sometime you the lives of the people there, their culture , their way of living, our children can learn a lot about the world around them…This year we decided to take a trip to Morocco to see the desert and the imperial cities…Our heartfelt gratitude to our tour guide Mr. Samuel..

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    Morocco is a very interesting place …Thanks for your insightful observations about Morocco…Loved it! :-)

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