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Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina.  The city is the largest and by far the best amongst cities of Argentina. Buenos is cosmopolitan and full of life and one can admire grand European architecture and the shopping and other activities in the city are also reasonable cheap.  The city along with its suburbs is home to a staggering 13 million people.

Buenos Aires had a distinction of being Latin America’s most expensive city.  However, the economic crisis changed everything.  Argentina has seen a lot of instability in the recent past, be it financial or political.  For instance in 2001, the Argentinean Peso (local currency) fell to a third of its former value and has not improved much since then.  Later on we experienced political instability in the country which saw four Presidents came in and out of power in can you believe 10 days! Later bank accounts were frozen and the peoples’ hard earned life saving just disappear. It is very sad to hear such things and the residents lives have changed negatively.

Buenos aires cities

However, this downturn is reviving the tourism sector and people from all over the world have been flocking to this mega city to experience the joys and take advantage of its low prices as a result of the downfall of its currency.  For example, a good steak dinner along with wine in a nice restaurant will cost you just $10 in Buenos Aires, whereas the same steak in a city like Chicago could be a minimum of $50 and upwards.

Buenos Aires is the city of neighborhoods. Palermo Viejo is the hippest of them all and is full of boutiques and bars. Noticing a kissing couple in every nook and corner is a very common sight here.  The place is also full of construction activity; everywhere you go you will notice cranes busy in the construction of clean and modern buildings.  After the economic crises hit Argentina, real estate is has become a very strategic investment. On the other hand the old Palermo area is split into Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood with both living up to their names.  The place is full of film production companies and the Soho area is full of boutiques along with bars and restaurants.

The Recoleta area is full of rich people. It is the Gold coast of the city full of designer shops at Alvear Street. Recoleta is also resting place of Evita in the Recoleta Cemetery.

Sao Telmo is an old neighborhood. It was originally the home to the city’s wealthiest people.  However, epidemics like Yellow fever and cholera scarred the people away. Currently the place is home to mostly young people and in many ways resembles Chicago’s Wicker Park or the Lower East side of New York. Many other attraction is also available to make the tourist spot.

Puertro Madero is an old port, currently being renovated. As a result, the old warehouses have suddenly turned cool and there are expensive condos and a lot of restaurants and as a result the people of the area suddenly have a lot of options once they are back from work.

Puertro Madero

Down south lies ‘La Boca,’ this is home to mostly Italian immigrants.  It is also the base for the famous football team Boca Juniors and the La Bombonera stadium is found here.

Let’s go through some other favorites of the city in brief.

Tango DanceThe famous Tango dance has an interesting history. It is believed it was originally a dance between two men fighting over a prostitute.  Later, it transformed into men just dancing with the prostitute and today, it is just a classy European art.

The city has also seen tragic times, which is a shame on the rulers. We date back to the period when Argentina was under military rule from 1976 to 1982.  The government of the day decided to do away with many liberals, who spoke against it and around 30,000 people were captured, tortured and most probably killed so that they never speak against the government. This was more than 25 years ago and justice has still not been achieved here.  Every Thursday, the mothers of the missing ones march on Plaza de Mayo hoping that they find their sons soon.  Till now only 80 bodies are believed to have been recovered.

Hence, it can be concluded that Buenos Aires will definitely grab the headlines in the near future. As there is a lot of construction activity going on and the revival of the economy is long overdue.  So this city should get into the big league soon.

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  1. Aron says:

    I have never visited Argentina but it seems to be a very good place to visit. I shall go once.

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    This is indeed the best city in Argentina. Totally royal, modern and with all the facilities.

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    The author has given very good examples explaining the article. He has compared all the possible wonderful destination.

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    After the economy hit, everywhere in the world are bombarded with crisis. Argentina is cheap yet a wonderful city!

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    These are the places which are never highlighted. People should be given information about these places.

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    Truly said, the economy of all such places are very low as they don’t have any specific business. Tourists are the only way to get good foreign currency.

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