The 5 Best Places To Live Overseas – Part II

In the last part, I took you to an enthralling roller-coaster ride around the world and brought into limelight two best expat locations which are worth residing. They cracked special positions into my list because of there out of the ordinary characteristics. Both the places are thrilling and leading in innovations and possess comprehensive breath-taking features. So, it’s the time to get yourself updated with the other three enchanting locations. Let’s check them out…

Best Adrenaline High

San Gil, Colombia

In the previous years, Colombia’s populace was aggravated to abandon their homes from the beautiful country Colombia and this consequently led them to settle in the spectacular small town of San Gil. The town is not that petite that you are anticipating; it might be tiny but bequeaths loads of escapades and thrilling adventures like bungee jumping, paragliding, and three rivers for white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, rappelling, caving, horse riding and much more.

And when you begin to get bored of these kinds of adventures, then this locale offers you tranquility in the serene nature’s lap. The landscape is filled with lush greenery and the hills around the town San Gil offers opportunities of adventurous hiking. Also, it is different from the other towns because it is just not a travel destination for tourists, but also offers them haven when they desire it. The flawless colonial towns gives shelter to creative people like artists like painters, writers etc.

buenos aires

Best Big City

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you are looking out for a destination which is always rocking, filled with vehement enthusiasm and exhilarating energy, then you have got it right, I will introduce you to such a destination. You must be aware of the grandeur stories of 1920’s Paris and 1930’s Berlin which grabbed the spotlight because of an unknown holy connection between the expatriate artists and writers.

This is the era of Buenos Aires that is truly worth of becoming one of the expat locations. This destination is the one that encompasses of sophistication and has been the charming locations around the globe. Throngs of Europeans and Americans settled over here and because of this place’s prosperity, they cashed up and filled their pockets. Subsequently, this place acquired the distinguished positions among top places in Argentina and culls a tremendous value from around the world.

Dahab Beach

Best Surf and Sand

Dahab, Egypt

This is an incredible destination and has managed to come out of its sluggish image as a fishing village. After the growth of resort tourism in its distinct red sea shores, it garners throngs of tourists who come here to enjoy the breeze of Dahab’s beaches. This resort gives an opportunity for adventure lovers to capitalize as there is escalating demand of experienced scuba instructors. They get an opportunity to dive in the most splendid locations and enjoy their passion fully. Although, this town is not a resort, it affords to offer economical accommodations in plenty. One can enjoy the slow pacer life of Bedouin and if at any point of time gets bored of it, can relish the adventures of Sinai. The Sinai offers exciting expeditions to the adventurous Mt. Sinai. The rose city of Petra located in Jordan woos heart of many.

Aren’t the locations magnificent? Each location that I unveiled possesses an extraordinary charm and some of the most coveting qualities that entice the attention.

Similarly, even if you feel alike, than what are you waiting for, just go ahead and catch up with them immediately.

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