Ten Things You Must Know Before You Go Bobble in the Dead Sea

Heard a lot about Dead Sea and its excellence my people!

Nobody can walk on water, that’s a fact but man can sit and sleep on water, I don’t mean this on any floating chair, but honestly you can sit and sleep comfortably on water.

Wow and amazing isn’t it.

But that’s what I want to share with you people about some amazing things about Dead Sea.

Just a quick search on Google Images of “Dead Sea” will result in yielding plenty of pictures of Dead Sea’s signature blue waters, its maps, and, of course, snapshots of dudes and sexy gals in bikinis just sitting around effortlessly on top of blue water. This is an environmental oddity – for its lowest and the ‘saltiest body of water’ on planet – and it sustain no life, yet is source of intrigue, inspirations, and even  source of income for people throughout the world. Many think the sea as with its salty splendor and buoyant, and the mud surrounding sea has healing powers. Some signify its value for religious and historical significance. Others they extract sea’s mineral-rich sediments and sell its many byproducts as fertilizers, pesticides and water treatment chemicals etc.

Dead Sea tourism

Well as you all know even I try to avoid these tourist traps while I’m traveling, but there was no way that I could skip an opportunity of floating in the Dead Sea, and truth be told, I am not much of sport for swimming and it was an experience in itself. But there are definitely things you must know before taking plunge:

  • People in Dead Sea, there is no ways thing as swimming.  When you float by sitting, your butt down in water, it basically feels as though you are floating in pool with plastic noodle. Only the fact is there is no noodle. Your shoulders and feet rise and bobs, and it will take you few seconds for getting used to it.
  • You need to protect your feet:
    that is because salt that is lining the sea bottom can be very rough on feet, and can even cut up severely so you have to wear water shoes. Plan accordingly your trip that you have something to protect your feet.
  • Fast Facts:
    Well this is a shocker in for you The Dead Sea is “actually not at all a sea” rather it’s a lake whose thirty percent of constituent is salt. It’s the lowest place on earth which is 417 feet below the sea level. Its properties have known for curing skin problems and not only this but it also helps with respiration, and Dead Sea’s mud is been used for spa treatments in various hotels which are along shoreline…
  • Moreover when you go for this mud treatment, which I did, it was kind of weird sensation, though don’t know was it much rejuvenating, as being wrapped up in mud  and on that wrapped in blanket and then I was left in dark room for some 20 minutes, I felt like being made into some kind of human mud-bun.
  • Shave:
    If you have shaved and come on to sea and then don’t even think about entering in water. Well even if you have shaved at least two days also before and you take a dunk in the Dead Sea, you will be in for surprise, but ultimate experience of this surprise will be faced by those who have sore or open cuts while you’re swimming, as this will be quick lesson for you to know what it means of sprinkling salt in one’s wound.
  • Dead Sea is getting dead:
    Jordan river is its main source of water and because of increasing civilizations around it, Dead Sea may become dead and bringing back dead is one hell of a task.
  • Don’t wash your face in this water well it means you is not supposed to put your face in this water and completely avoid it. With bit of seawater in my eye, believe me I am telling you it burns.
  • Old bathing suit:
    the water will discolor whatever you will be wearing.
  • Rinse immediately what all you’re wearing and thoroughly: Once you’ve gotten out of water, do this, as I didn’t and I lost those lovely water shoes as they turned ugly  I with importunate layer of grunge and then I sacrificed them in the name of Dead Sea gods.
  • Its one very good place for getting some natural healings for skin conditions, otherwise you cant have an extended stay here, I mean how much can you just keep floating like bobbing wooden log in water. And definitely there are many places other then there to see smart hunks and sexy babes beneath water and over the sand.

Recommendations for accommodations:

  • Kibbutz Ein Gedi
  • Camping in the desert
  • Hostels at Masada

Hostels at Masada

  • Hostels at Ein Gedi

Other then floating you can:

  • Hiking

Dead Sea hiking

  • Bicycling
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  1. Asus says:

    So amazing facts of Dead sea I came to know after reading this blog.

  2. Bianca says:

    Dead sea can be so exciting and thriling as well.

  3. Corn says:

    Can we literally float as a wooden log on the dead sea? This is something crazy man :)

  4. Dodge says:

    The author has written this blog in a very good manner. It makes you feel that you are missing one of the greatest thing in this world.

  5. Edge says:

    This is like a true power of god! It can be advesre and same time it has healing effects.

  6. Goel says:

    Can you explain why the color will fade away? Is it due to high concentrated salt and different minerals?

  7. Helle says:

    There are lot of precautions to be taken before going in the water or else you will have bruces everywhere on the body.

  8. Ijax says:

    What a combination! The salt in the water can be dangerous but that same salt is used for healing and also for Spa. I simply cannot understand it.

  9. James says:

    I have never visited a place where I can find Dead sea but after reading this blog I would love to experience it.

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