Storms in Europe and the Slugging Travel

The festive as well as the holiday season has already arrived. People have set plans for visiting places across the globe, and the travel bags are ready to be packed. Some have already spoken to their cousins and relatives, in other countries, of coming over for the festive holiday week. And what is this? The snow falls heavy on all the plans and breaks them like glass, without sound. Europe is laden with snow, carried in storms, and people have been jailed in their homes, without actual locks on the doors. The snow on the roads and on top of houses has worked instead of locks and chains, to bind people to their homes, in Europe. Those who are already out of houses, on the airports, have been facing conditions even worse. They could neither pass through the plan of traveling to other parts of the world, nor could they stay at the coziest one of their homes. They are in the midst of the worst play of the storms in the northern parts of Europe.

More than 75 % of the flights to and fro Europe have been undergoing cancellations and rescheduling, since a week. The airports of Frankfurt and Schiphol in Germany and Amsterdam had already warned passengers to check with the airlines about the scheduling of their flights, before they leave home. The leniency results in people sleeping on the airports, quarreling over floor space and dwindling provisions of food that is supplied. Snow has hit the travel in Europe very hard and has slowed it down drastically. And this is all because usually the winters in Britain and other Central Europe countries are quite mild. The result of slight dusting of snow, followed by heavy falls and viscous storms is a big punch in the face of the people’s plans for setting out for the festive fun.

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