St Lucia: The most memorable Caribbean destination

Welcome to the mountainous island on the Caribbean that is the most memorable! Well, it is not memorable just because of the Caribbean beaches and water sports. This time you will have to change you opinion for the Caribbean destinations that they are only ideal for beaches and food. And it is this Caribbean island that will aid you in doing so. St. Lucia is also memorable because of the its rainforest interior that is just apt and best for hiking, rolling volcanic mountains, and national park for walks. As per my experience, St. Lucia is such that each budget visitor can find its own beach and hotel.

St Lucia island tours

Castries, the capital, is the home to a harbor as well as the extinct volcano’s crater. The Public Market is worth a visit, which is one of the alluring sights packed with people and vendors except Sunday. Friday and Saturday mornings are totally packed. You will admire the shops and stalls from Columbus Square until the water pool. The local women are traditionally dressed of which the married ones wear the cotton headdresses adorned with the several tangled dots. You as a tourist should the bananas that are sold here in varieties and give out a different taste. And yes, if you desire, pack some St. Lucian handicrafts.

St lucia volcanoes crater

Then, grab the opportunity to take a trip to the Derek Walcott Square that is an impressive rectangle surrounded by a public library as well as the most noticeable Catholic Church called the Cathedral. The square is named so behind a Noble prize winner for literature, who was born here in 1930. Look for the devoted plagues in the park here. On of them is for the legendary icon, Sir William Arthur Lewis (1915-1979). He was one more Nobel Prize winner, but for economics. If you have noticed, his picture is also seen on the few EC$100 bills in the nation. All of these plaques are under the 500-year-old Simontree’s shade.

The Cathedral stands at the park’s edge, which is French edifice that was erected in the 19th century using cast iron, stone, and wrought iron. You can notice the West Indian iconography as well as the remarkable wall that boasts frescoes commemorating the Martyrs of Uganda. These sacrificial people gave up their lives by fighting with the soldiers of the dictator Idi Amin.

Being in the capital, you cannot miss to take a tour of Morne Fortune meaning the Hill of Good Luck. However as opposed to its name, this site has been the venue of the Caribbean battles that were fought between the British and French in the 18th century. Today fortunately converted into a tourist attraction, there is a museum, military cemetery, the Four Apostles Battery, the Victorian Government House, private beautiful gardens decorated purple as well as red bougainvillea, and a scenic perch. And at last, you can just enjoy the panoramic view including the Pigeon Island, Pitons, and the island of Martinique if the day is clear. This sight is accessible from the Bridge Street where you need to turn to the east.

Do visit the Pigeon Island National Historic Park, the first of its kind on the island to be linked through a land bridge. Within the park, you will come across two white sand beaches, a restaurant named Jambe de Bois, and the Pigeon Island where the red-neck pigeons were once present in huge numbers. Now a days, it is getting famous because of the Sandals Hotel and appealing vistas.

Pigeon island st lucia

Just at 13 km from the capital, the Marigot Bay is an ideal yachters’ haven. Nestled on the west coast and offering some wonderful background shots, it is regarded as the most superb bay in the Caribbean. Since 400 years when once it was the home of the Carib soldiers, this palm-fringed shore is an immaculate destination for picnic. You can choose any of its two sides for fun, which are reached by a ferry service.

Marigot Bay

Regarded as one of the most exciting attractions, the Rainforest Sky Ride is meant for the people of all ages, especially all first-time visitors. This ideal picturesque ride runs as a Rainforest Aerial Tram. So, get ready to sit in an open-air Gondola where you will be accompanied by a guide to safely fly above the towering rainforest trees, dense vegetation, white magnolias, the lavender stars (flowers), and orange bursts. Want this rainforest pleasure journey? Well, just pay $72 per adult and $62 per child under 15.

The ideal time to visit this island is winter from December to March.

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