Sightseeing Options during Your Visit to Burundi

Burundi, a small nation located in the Eastern part of Africa is quite popular among the tourists. This country is adjacent to other African countries like Congo, Tanzania and Rwanda. In spite of being a celebrate tourist destination, Burundi is rated as one of the poorest nations of the world. The area of Burundi is around 28,000 sq Km and it has a population of close to 8.7million. Below we have mentioned the most famous sightseeing options of this country.

1) The Kibira National Park:

The wild life of this National park includes baboons, chimpanzees, the monkey breed known as cercophitecus, black colobes etc. Kibira is intersected by 180Km paths, which are primarily use by the car patrols of the guards of Kibira and tourists traveling through the National park on motor vehicles.

2) Rusizi Natural Reserve:

This place is shelter to a number of antelope families. Lucky tourists will also meet hippopotamuses and crocodiles during their visit to this Natural Reserve.  Rusizi meanders have resulted in formation of natural ponds in this reserve. The place is also home to birds of varied breeds.

3) Vyanda Natural Reserve:

You can reach this forest reserve through Rumonge, a town of Burundi. The primary attractions of this reserve are the chimpanzees. Vyanda was originally meant for people having personal vehicles; however, now arrangements of local transports can be made.

4) Karera Falls:

This is probably the most celebrated sightseeing option in the country of Burundi. It is also one of the most famous waterfalls of Africa. The water of Karera Falls is known for its healing abilities. A shower under this waterfall provides great massage to our boy and leaves us refreshed. Not only that, the beauty of the surrounding region of Karera Falls also attracts the tourists to visit this place again and again.

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