Reveal In The Mysteries Of Meghma

Destiny had bought me into the lap of a wonderful Himalayan tour. A few years ago, I was completely an epitome of urbanism with no time to enjoy the small marvels of the world. Cut throat competition and long working hours coupled with the mandatory travel time had indeed taken a toll on me, until one day my dearest uncle put his foot down and decided that it was high time to send me on a holiday far from the crowd. He wanted me to reveal in the small pleasures of nature and enjoy the rejuvenating experience in the lap of Mother Nature. He also wanted me to observe the astute livings of the Lamas and see the look of peace and bliss on their radiant faces.

Reveal In The Mysteries Of Meghma

My bags were packed and I was reluctant to leave wondering what I would do far from a city where I had led most of my life. The destination chosen for me was a village named Meghma.

Meghma is a mountain village of Himalayas, is a magical village and enchanting abode of enigmatic Lamas.

Meghma River

The rough terrains, the hostile weather conditions, the rainy days darkening in to the mountain dusk will keep you mesmerised by the sheer beauty and the dramatic background makes your adrenaline flowing at all time high. The streams here flowing are crystal clear and refreshing. I remember going for a long walk and stopping whenever my eyes wished to soak in the sights of the serenity of nature. I had no deadlines to meet and no train to catch. It was indeed a luxury which I had never experienced.

Meghma Village

Meghma, which means the mother of clouds, has a unique stillness, and the whistling winds make a musical treat. The music filled me with unexplainable peace which my iPod was not capable of giving me. I never ever imagined that I could live without a headphone plugged into my ears. However the music of nature won me over and I enjoyed beauty and revealed in the music.

The Lamas here are warm and very hospitable and give you a rare insight of the Buddhist scriptural texts and make you feel at ease and give you a sense of enlightenment. I truly understood the enormity of Buddhism and marvelled at how simple the core essence of life is, only if we understand it.

Budhist Temple

With animals grazing in the fields, the horses standing in the fields shaking their thick black manes, the tranquil hills of Meghma envelope in the mist and drenched in the pale light of translucent moon, like something out of a dream- a vision of paradise, which is inexpressibly beautiful. It is strange and eerie sensation to hear the plaintive nocturnal neighing of the horses and seeing their ghost like forms moving about in the thick mist. A long walk into the night with the stars for company brought me more closer to my inner self and taught me to enjoy the darkness. I remember humming the tune of a popular film song and my heart was filled with ecstasy at the pristine sights.


The beauty of Meghma teaches man to pray and worship and teaches you to be humble and have reverence for life. I returned back with a heavy heart. But Meghma has come back with me in spirit. It is no longer a matter of life and death for me to catch a train. Rather Meghma has taught me to patiently wait for the next train and use this time to soak in the sights around me.

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