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India the land of the oldest kind of civilization has a culture and heritage to be really proud about. The history of India goes back to the times of the beginning of human life. Tours to India will give you a complete knowhow of the dynamic and interesting history it had. When you come to North India you are sure to get the best of historical experiences and travel pleasures.

From the pre-Vedic times to the times of the Mauryas, Guptas, Chalukyas, then Parmars and the Chauhans the land of North India has faced a lot and the Turkish and the Afghan invasion sealed the courage that the people here have exhibited.

North India

With the Muslims also ruling over this area, the Marathas later established their control over Rajasthan and then the Pindaris took over. With the British also holding their sway, the area of North India is a testimony to Indian history.

When Mahatma Gandhi led the country towards Independence then Rajputana State of Rajasthan had around 19 states which later became the state of Rajasthan.

Today home to much number of tourists across the world, the region of North India has been filled with the loveliest of touristic pleasures and the best of sightseeing places. Tourists coming here can expect to get a kaleidoscopic view of Indian culture. The traditions and the crafts and arts hold the country in good stead in the area of tourism. With the best sights and places to visit, it is obvious to know whether the accommodation is good in this part of the world. The diversified culture and tradition has led hotel accommodation across the country to cater to the variety of spices in this country. Tourists certainly love to enjoy a certain amount of hospitality and North India hotels certainly cater to this requirement well. There is a red carpet welcome to all the guests and those going to regions like Uttaranchal, New Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Jammu Kashmir come back with cherished memories and long travel tales about their accommodations and the related facilities. So most tourists today do not hesitate to go on a North Indian package tour.

Uttaranchal Himachal Pradesh

However when you are travelling to this part of India do remember that it is a great place to explore but it is always better to be safe than sorry. So keep in mind a lot of things while travelling to North India, especially if you are a foreign tourist.

Always remember to keep copies of your passport and visa if you are a foreign tourist. Then make sure you are buying the tickets through authorized travel agencies. Also ensure you do not have any outside water. Contaminated water could jinx your holiday by giving you a bad tummy. Make sure you have all the medications for the ailments you might have. Also be careful about what you eat in North India as it doles out a spicy fare for you. Don’t eat too much of such food stufs. Foreign travelers should ensure that their bills are paid in the hotels through foreign currency or traveler’s cheques. Don’t try to change money in an unauthorized way. See the meter chart when you pay the auto fare. Don’t encourage beggars and remember to take your footwear off outside a religious place of worship.

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