Punnathoorkotta Tours in Kerala Attractions

Kerala God’s Own Country is a paradise on earth, and a lovely place to visit whenever a tourist is on an Indian tour. With the type of scenery that this land has, and the kind of pleasures that this tour would give you, Kerala is a land where you would get the ultimate travel ecstasy. Just go on a journey to this serene, tranquil and calm region and enjoy the pleasures of basking in the most beautiful place in this part of India.

Come to the villages in Kerala and experience the most exotic pleasure that this land could ever give you. Punnathoorkotta is a great place where you could just unwind in leisure and where you would get the best of travel luxury. All the stress and worries that you had could be undone here in this land of fun, thrill, adventure and excitement. Very near the Shri Krishna temple in the region of Gurvayoor in Kerala, this is a lovely place where you get to se the best elephants and the most fascinating ones.


When you come here you would see the most enchanting sights of elephants wandering in this virgin ambience. There are many elephants that have been brought here for being offered in the rituals that have been offered to the Divine. These pachyderms are actually trained and also groomed well.

The Punnathoorkotta region is a great place where you could come and enjoy the presence of these playful elephants and see how they enthrall you completely. On one of those tours you would also get to see how the sick elephants are taken care of and how they are given medicines. You would also get a chance to get friendly with these elephants and it is an exciting experience to ride on these lovely animals. Elephants are normally trained for participating in the rituals and these are groomed for the best festivals in Kerala like the Thrissur Pooram.

Elephant ride

The Guruvayoor Temple is another place which is visited in this region of Punnathoorkotta. With the nearest railway station as Guruvayoor the village is just around 2 km away from this place. Cochin is the nearest airport which is around 58 km from the Thrissur city.

Punnathoorkotta is a place that has some of the best sights of elephants which makes it a favourite amongst pilgrims coming to this part of the world. There is the 75 year old Ramachandran which is a lovely aged elephant which is respected a lot. This is in fact the place where you have the largest number of elephants. There are so many rich devotees who have donated these elephants to the region and so these elephants are a prize possession of Punnathoorkotta.

These elephants are taken for a bath by the mahouts and there are many tourists who love to see this sight. This sight is mesmerizing and very memorable and it is a great feeling to enjoy the sights of these innocent but majestic elephants which seem to dominate the beauty of the region.

Elephants bath

Punnathoorkotta with its greenery and surroundings and the most fascinating ambience is a place where you would certainly go to just to enjoy the lovely feeling of being in a paradise.

Punnathoorkotta becomes a great place to visit simply because of the collection of elephants, the scenery and the surrounding only adding to your travel experience. Get the best out of this place and don’t miss this region whenever you happen to visit Gurvayoor in Kerala.

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