Paragliding Interlaken: A Unique Experience

Interlaken’s fame is no fluke. Paragliding Interlaken is a unique experience. Interlaken has a wonderful landscape. The local inhabitants have used the landscape to their advantage. Interlaken has become an important tourist destination because of its paragliding activities.

Paragliding Interlaken takes place over two alpine lakes. Each lake is surrounded by pristine meadows. Interlaken has an abundance of magnificent villages. The three snow-capped mountains include Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.

Interlaken is Switzerland’s capital when it comes to outdoor sports. There are many opportunities for paragliding Interlaken. Experienced operators conduct tandem flights. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

The sites for paragliding can be reached by a short drive. Thunersee is the predominant peak with major sites for paragliding. A short briefing will explain your expectations and conduct. Adequate instructions are given in this briefing. A few more steps and your pilot launches you in the air. You will see the pine forests and the valley sail beneath you. The meadow may obscure the scenic views. However, as you spend more time paragliding Interlaken, the view becomes clearer.

To glide, warm air bubbles are utilized by the turning circles. Humid days offer the opportunity of touching the magnificent clouds that hover around the hill.

The pilots are known for their perfection, just like Swiss watches. Every hour sees a new paragliding event, provided the weather is favorable. There are scores of tourists who wish to indulge in paragliding Interlaken. With so many tourists arriving at the same time, you may have to form groups known as ‘gaggle’. Harter is a rocky region that provides a beautiful aerial view of the region. As you paraglide, the locals appear as Lilliputs.

The landing is started by some wing overs that are obligatory. A spiral dive may be included. It has been in practice to eliminate height. Paragliding Interlaken is fun. It is a sort of a roller coaster ride that is three dimensional. You may land right in the middle of the town. However, be careful not to sit while you land. You will have to run for a few yards before you can earn a high-five from the pilot.

Interlaken has several, trendy bars that can be visited after paragliding. You may witness many landings from here.

There are a plethora of tour operators offering paragliding flights from different locations. Grindlwald is one such spot. It lies at the feet of the Eiger.

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