Pakshipathalam Natural Wonders

While you are in the Wayanad district of Kerala, you wouldn’t cease to get surprised with the best sights that greet yout there. Enjoy the beauty of God’s own country and find yourself surrounded by Mother Nature’s blessings.

Pakshipathalam is one region in Wayanad district which would surprise you with its natural ambience and beautiful surroundings. Ensconced in the picturesque state of Kerala, this is a place which is a nature lover’s paradise and a traveler’s delight. With the densest forests of deciduous  trees and the most varied wildlife, Pakshipathalam offers to the tourist what he seeked for – adventure, thrill and travel luxury. Come to the forested zones of the state of Kerala in India and enjoy the ambience of Pakshipathalam the natural heaven in this part of the country. For all those who want adventure in their travels, this is the ideal place as it has some of the best trekking spots. The Pakshipathalam Reserve has some fascinating caves which add to the excitement. It is said that saints have meditated in these ancient caves and today provide ultimate travel thrills. Trek your way through here as this is the only way to come here. Around 17kms of trek trail would take you through some of the best plethora of avifauna and also the ideal verdant stretches. ‘

Pakshipathalam Reserve
Tourists normally have to take permission prior to entering the reserve. There is a watchtower here which gives you a total view of the entire place. There are guides who help you walk through the verdant paradise and this place gives you all the opportunities to enjoy camping, trekking and also experience some of the best sights of birds.

Situated around 1740 m above the sea level Pakshipathalam is a great haven for all naturalists and bird lovers. The rock caves here are thick chunks of rocks that are found at the northern end of the Brahmagiri hills. This is where most of the wild beasts and birds live. Thirunelli is a place in Kerala in this region. Pakshipathalam is around 7 km from this place. Tourists who come to this part of Kerala often come here from a place called Mananthavady which is around 32 km from Thirunelli. Pakshipathalam is normally frequented by those who are interested in flora and fauna and those who want to see a pristine virgin land. Kalpetta is also a place which lies near the Pakshipathalam reserve. So while you are in this lovely land called Wayanad district you have many ways of reaching Pakshipathalam. People from these nearby towns often come here on weekends and enjoy the serene tranquil experience.


Ecologically very viable this reserve has some of the best collections of birds and has a variety of orchids and herbs. In fact Kuruvadweep is a place which is a hub of evergreen forests. These verdant stretches of more than 950 acres attract the tourists and they love to go across to the river Kabani and enjoy the sights here. Get ready to see some of the most precious sights and visual delights.

If one has to reach Pakshipathalam he can come here by air, road or rail. Kozhikode is the nearest airport and also the nearest rail head. So one can reach Pakshipathalam which is very near this place.


Natural surroundings and pristine ambience are a way of making our travel interesting and memorable. What better way to get it than to visit such areas like Pakshipathalam Reserve which not only provide great sights but also ensure you go back with a cherishable travel kitty.

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