Old is Gold – Where Senior Travel Says a Namastey

Come to the land of India and you would find that there is a lot of importance given to the elderly and the traditions and cultures that the elderly follow. Namastey is a kind of greeting that is very commonly used for the elderly. The tradition of falling at the feet of people elder to you is very normal and is considered as a way of observing respect for those who have more experience than us and those who have seen a bit more world than us.

So under such circumstances isn’t it quite natural that a touristic haven like India should have the right situation and the surroundings for the elderly while they travel here and thus senior travel is gaining a lot of importance these days. With the rich cultural heritage that the country has, the sites and the various destinations of tourism that the country has seen a lot of interest and excitement amongst the tourists.

Senior travel

Senior travel is very popular in India and the many medicinal spas and the various resorts available in India are great rejuvenation spots and the spiritual touch that some places have are worth visiting and experiencing too. The nation welcomes senior travel across the world and makes the elderly all the world around comfortable and they produce an effect of warmth, love and affection on the elderly tourists.

Normally senior travel includes places like Delhi, Rajasthan, Mumbai, amongst the cities in North India and they also go to the pilgrim spots like Rishikesh, Haridwar and Varanasi. Then if they feel like enjoying the beautiful ambience of the hill stations and the lovely locales of the cooler zones then they go to destinations like Ooty, Shimla, Kullu Manali etc. Then you have the beautiful region of South India too where there are places like God’s Own Country Kerala which is famous for its lovely palm groves and coconut trees as also the lovely backwaters. Backwater experience is good and the simple beauty of the lovely land of Kerala is a great pleasure. While in the land of Eastern India, then you could go to Kalimpong, Panchmarni etc which are beautiful havens on earth. However in North India, Kashmir is a paradise for all tourists. This favourite tourist destination is a place which is a proverbial haven.


Then of course in India you have the king of desert Rajasthan which is famous for its innumerable jungles, lakes, reserves and the forts and the majestic palaces. The grandeur of the past and the royal touch to it is a great feast for all the elderly as they dwell on their past education and historical influences. In the land of the desert Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Jaipur are the major favorites. The elderly like to visit the vibrant land with the ideal colours and excitement to fulfill the travel palate of the elderly.

Jeep and camel safaris are very common, in Rajasthan land and the lovely land of Aravalli Mountains, and also beautiful villages. The lovely lifestyle of the Rajasthanis is a sight to behold.

Aravalli Mountains

Thus senior travel is a great experience in India and is something worth the effort.

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