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There is lot of news regarding travel and tourism in this part of India. Learn more about this place and get the best news around in this region. The Karnataka Government has now planned to set up a wine park dedicated to the tourists in the northern part of the state in Bijapur. A total area of around 150 acres that has been selected for the project. There would be a wine park that will boost the efforts that are being made towards grapes processing for research and foundation of wine. This was confirmed by the Minister of Agriculture.

The state government has reserved around 140 acres in the village of Toravi in the district of Bijapur and this region in the basin of River Krishna is great for the cultivation of seedless grapes. The project will be under the supervision of the Wine Board of Karnataka. The park would be set up under the partnership of public and private models. Tenders would be given out and there world be applications that would be had for the private sector. Efforts are being made to appoint a proper advisor for the project. This state government initiative will be supervising the developments of the projects.


Here would be common facilities in the research centers, wine labs etc and these facilities would focus on the products that have a lot of value addition, so the quality would be maintained well. The viability of the grape crop would be tested and the entrepreneurship centers, would be there to support the beginning of the enterprises in making wine and also to market the production of value added products.


There have been lot of efforts that have been taken to increase the production of grapes and these would be increased to around 2000 acres to 5000 acres. The main objective of the wine  is to ensure that there are lot of health benefits that are obtained through this. The farmers would get a lot of remunerative rates for the grapes. There is a lesser shelf life for this and these grapes have to be offloaded so that distribution centers would be sold at a greater pace. Cold storage centers and lack of finance would be closer to grape vineyards.

Bijapur is the main centre where you not only get the production of grapes but also would have the best areas. Today this is the leading district as regards the quality and production of grapes. The grapes fond in India are of the best varieties and are found allover the state and so the vineyards are very popular here.

Andhra Pradesh

the capital of Andhra Pradesh has been given the award of the best Heritage City in the recent Award ceremony held for National Tourism. In fact the state of Andhra Pradesh would have a plan that would restore and also enhance the heritage sites in the city. So the city would be given a makeover with all the monuments and the haveli given a royal touch up. There would be many activities like the cultural evenings and the local community would participate. There would be lot of encouragement given by all the corporate companies. So maintenance of the monuments is a part of the corporate social responsibility in the corporate companies.

The Andhra Pradesh Tourism would also start the Heritage Corridor Bus Services, which would connect the important monuments in the city which starts in the month of April on the World Heritage Day on April 18. There would be weeklong festivals for culture, and the festivals would be had at different venues.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh tourism is also going to encourage the Clean India campaign which would be launched in the colleges and schools.

News is also that Andhra Pradesh Tourism would give greater importance to Rural Tourism. There are many sites that have been identified for rural tourism and there has been considerable work done for Pochampili. Then there are other areas like Ananatapur, Dharmavaram etc which are going to be developed in the area of the silk weaving industry.

With a lot more news to share and much more to experience, the travel news surely keeps people updated with the latest events.

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