Neemrana Fort Palace Attractions and Delights

Rajasthan is surely a lovely place to be in and the perfect tourist destination for all those who come to this part of the world. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of being in a lovely land of fascinating delights and greatest pleasures.

Amongst the many forts, monuments and palaces that are found in India, Rajasthan surely takes the cake in having the most number of palatial sights .So the Neemrana Fort Palace in this state of Rajasthan is surely a force in the reckoning and provides the greatest travel pleasures. With the location on the highway from Jaipur to Delhi, this is one village that is really popular for the grandeur and the pomp it has. So come here and experience the pleasurable sights of the Neemrana ambience. Situated in the district of Alwar this is a greatly magnificent structure in Rajasthan and has the best pleasures of a greatly touristic land.

Neemrana Fort Palace

It was Raj Dev who got this palace fort constructed and it stands on top of a hill. There were many artistically inclined people who were responsible for renovating the fort and thus the stay here has only added to the benefit of being a lesson in the Indian crafts and also the aesthetics. Neemrana fort is the oldest heritage resort in India. It is situated on a majestic plateau and is hidden in the shape of a horseshoe amidst the Aravalli ranges. The entire area spans an area of around 25 acres. There are stepped palaces and also architectural jewels which make a great sight for the tourists. With the hillside providing the perfect ambience it is a great feeling to enjoy this majestic structure with the most fascinating sights of an old fort and palace. Come here enjoy the ten levels with the best views from the gardens above. With the imposingly majestic ramps the terraces and rooms here are a great sight.

From the year 1986 the Fort palace have been reconstructed and also restored such that the tourists coming here enjoy the antiques, the colonial kind of furniture and the various intriguing objets d’art that so much form the basis of this lovely structure of the past. There is a certain mix of Indian and colonial kind of architecture which makes the palace a perfect spot to be in.

Neemrana Fort Palace roomThe Neemrana Fort Palace today has around 40 rooms and there are single rooms as well as double rooms here. The rooms are air conditioned and also NonA/c. The restaurants here serve continental, Indian and regional foods. The hotel has facilities for jeep safaris, camel safaris and also some indoor as well as outdoor games.

Today this is the crown jewel of the Group of Neemrana Hotels. It was constructed in the year 1464 AD and has been restored very well and today is India’s very prestigious heritage resort. Today it is also the closest palace from the capital city of New Delhi and is around 122 kms from here. It is situated on the Jaipur Delhi highway and is around 100 kms from the international airport at Delhi thus making it easier for tourists from foreign countries to visit this easily. There is a conference hall at nazara Mahal and around 50 seats and also a Darbar Mahal of 100 seats.

Come here and experience the restaurants here and enjoy the delicious snacks and breakfasts at the Hawa Mahal and the Raj Mahal and thus have a royal lunch and dinner experience. Visit the Aam Khas, the Aranya Mahal, the Amaltasse, the Maha Burj and the Holi Kund for dinner.

Then there are facilities of swimming pools, bars, TV and Video rooms and also indoor games besides the lovely experiences of mountain climbing and dune walks.

Neemrana fort Palace has a number of rooms with a majority of décor and views. It has all the facilities of a modern resort of five star quality. It is visited by all the tourists for the experience of a royal past.

Neemrana Fort Palace

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