Mamanuca Islands and Travel Attractions

Australia is the smallest continent with the biggest pleasures. Come here and enjoy the experience of being in this lovely paradise which is in the southern hemisphere. Feel the exotic ambience and experience the feeling of the lovely surroundings and the most pristine regions.

Mamanuca Islands on the western coast of Viti Levu is today one of the most popular Australian destinations which is an ideal holiday island too. With more than 20 tropical islands that are dotted with the best Fijian beaches, this is a lovely heaven for all island lovers and for those who want that little bit of calm and serenity in their vacations. This is an ideal tropical holiday destination and a great place to be in, in this part of the world. So come to South Pacific and enjoy the clear blue waters of the ocean which lend a lot of beauty to the sandy beaches that are the most common feature here in this land of adventure, pleasure and fun. With the most fascinating resorts and hotels located here, touring is certainly the best thing that you can do here in the land of clear pleasures and great travel delights.

Mamanuca Islands
So if you are one of those wanting to have an island getaway in this part of the world, then the Mamanuca Islands are the best choice. While here you have many island resorts to choose from. So you have the Treasure Island Resort and the Malolo Island Resort. Then there is the Llkuliku Island Resort which is situated on the Malolo Island. Then there is the Mana Island and the Beachcomber island Resort.

Llkuliku Island Resort Treasure Island Resort

How to reach

Reaching Mamanuca is possible from the Denarau Marina Port which is where you get the maximum number of cruise charters and yacht. So the daily trips on the Yasawa Flyer and the Malolo Cat ensure that you are well taken care of and brought to this lovely tranquil getaway spot. So if you want to go island hopping then this is possible. Fijian resorts are at their best in this land of island delights. This is the ideal venue for the best tropical holiday in Australia.

The place is also accessed from the Nadi International Airport and there are helicopter flights or there are float planes which give you the best ways but also expensive to come to these islands.

Nadi International Airport
It is also accessed from the Denarau Marina which is just around 20 minutes driver from the Nadi Airport. Buses take you from Denaru Marina to the other islands around.  Also the island resorts like the Hilton and the Sheraton are found on this lovely island paradise.

Fiji Islands are a thus a dream destination for all those who want to feel closer to nature. With the palm trees swaying in the background and the beaches here lending the virgin sandy look, the blue waters with the coral reefs make the place look even more beautiful. So come and enjoy the feel of the pastel green and turquoise blue colours of the reefs and the ocean and feel fresh in the Mamanuca Islands of the Fiji.

Mamanuca Islands beach
Some of theses islands in Mamanuca are not inhabited while there are others who have the most traditional omens and this range of island sights is what makes a trip to the Mamanuca Islands a feast for the eyes. Also the fact that there are comfortable overnight stay over accommodations is what makes a trip to these places a must while you are in Australia.

So enjoy snorkeling in the North and the south beach of Mana island and also go diving in the Super Market which is very near Mana. Here you would surely get to see many sharks.

Mamanuca Islands

With such sights and so many things to do, Mamanuca Islands is a great travel destination in this part of the world.

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