Magnetic Island: Water sport haven

This beautiful gem of Australia is an all time vacation spot for both the locals and the travelers. Nestled at a distance of 8 km offshore from the tropical Townsville in Queensland, the Magnetic Island truly functions as per its name – pulling new and new tourists all the year round. Your fun starts right from the journey of reaching the island and does not end before you see your own home. Believe me; because the only way to reach here is via a car or passenger ferry that marks the beginning of an exciting holiday.

Above all the highlights here, people throng the Magnetic Island due to its scenic beaches that are great for swimming, diving, snorkeling around its coral reefs, sailing, kayaking, and motor boating. Therefore, expect maximum fun under water. But, there are fun mediums also for the land lovers in forms of interesting bush walking, golf courses, and 23 km of National Park tracks.

The Great Barrier Reef is just not something to be missed here. It is the spectacular site for snorkeling as well as scuba diving on the island. Now do you understand why the Magnetic Island is “Magnetic”? Even if you have never dived, do so here with proper training and guide to explore the amazing underwater life – the innumerable multi-colored fishes, whales, and manatees. Do so at SS Yongala Wreck – one of the top 10 wreck dives on Earth. Diving and snorkeling gears are available at clubs on hire.

The Horseshoe Bay is the sight of endless fun due to its thrilling bush as well as beach rides including horse swimming within the clear waters of the coral-rich ocean. The horses love swimming and so they never fail to offer a unique as well as notable horseback swimming. Let there be someone with you to take your photos and then give you a towel for wiping the wet body. The Bluey’s Horse riding offers 2.5 hour of bush tour as well as beach riding meant for all kinds of tourists irrespective of the levels. The timings are 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Now, experience paddling on the waters through a double or single kayak ensuring that a nationally designated tour guide is with you while you explore the heritage sites of the national and marine parks. This is the best of the Magnetic Island where you can know much about the ecology, wildlife, and history. Therefore, get ready to be a part of any of the tours beginning from the Horseshoe Bay at 8:00 am or 4:15 pm. Prior to joining a tour; do have your breakfast or sunset drinks on the secluded beach.

The Red Baron Sea Plane Joy Flights are something different and exciting to experience here. Get ready to fly on the waters via the historical Grumman Sea-Cat. This is the only open plane with the capacity of two passengers that floats. Who will not like to be on a plane that was casted in the movie ‘The Phantom’ and have been the seat of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Billy Zane? So, how about you? There is nothing to think, just experience the thrill at peak here!

Adrenalin Jet Skiing is another popular highlight on the Magnetic Island Australia via which you can surround the island on a sumptuous Jet Ski. With the adrenalin height of 85 km, the thrill rises in installments after the breaks at the different bays. This is the unique experience offered by this island that is provided no where else. Further, professional as well as informative guide make your tour more meaningful and fruitful.

Recognized as the most unique and interesting sight, the Giant Salt Water CROC attracts many visitors for its huge saltwater crocodile. This one is 4 m long that resides next to the bar in the Picnic Bay Hotel. The locals have given a name to this scary creature as Rin Tin Tin.

Bush Walking is just awesome here with 25 km walking track that passes through the hills of the National Park. This is dedicatedly for those who love Mother Nature. There are all types of trails here marked as per their levels and that they range from 1.2 km to 16 km. With this, the total walking time also changes from 1 to 5 hours. Look for all the Walking Trails Information Signs that are scattered all over the island for aid in discovering the charm of this tropical paradise. The most superb walk is the Forts walk that includes a round trip of 4 km. On this trail, you can spot vivid scenes, Koalas, wallabies, rainbow lorikeets, and the wartime history. Other walks pass through the Balding Bay, Hawkings Point, Florence Bay, Radical Bay, and Arthur Bay.

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