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While in Africa, enjoy the tours and travels in this part of the land. Come and see the various cities here and enjoy the travels here. Liberia in western Africa is a land that has Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, and Guinea on all sides. It is a country that has a lot of historical ties with the United States of America. Discovered by the black slaves who were freed in this land during the nineteenth century when the pre Civil war era was one, the capital of Liberia is Monrovia. It was so named after James Monroe. The flag of Liberia is very akin to the American flag and shows the connection between the two countries.

There have been anthropological research which show that the Liberian region was initially populated since the 12th century. sometime between 1461 and the latter half of the 17th century, the British, Dutch and the Portuguese traders had a lot of connections and also trading posts in Liberia. In fact the Portuguese had named the region Costa Da Pimena which later came to be known as the Grain Coast. This is due to the way melegueta pepper grains are found here.


Liberia’s largest city is Monrovia which is a capital and is a city with a lot of population. The coastal town of Robertsport is a great place for surfing opportunities and has a convenient facility of a holiday lodge and a beachside campus locale.

Surfing in Liberia

Go to Harper which is found in the southeastern part of the country and enjoy the sights of Harper which is the earlier capital of Maryland. It is very popular for the beautiful beaches and the fascinating beach houses here. These are houses that are in a dilapidated condition and it is possible that one could get a sense of glory of the past here.

Then go to Paynesville which is an interesting place for all the Base Jumpers.

Also you may visit Sapo National Park which is Liberia’s only national park and gives you the ultimate tour delights.

Blue Lake is another lovely land in this part of Africa. This is a natural wonder and provides ultimate tour attractions.

Blue Lake in Liberia

Providence Island is another beautiful place that is found between Freeport and Monrovia. It is found at the mouth of the River Mesurado and is the region where early Liberian settlers initially settled sometime in the years 1820 and 1822.

Then you have Lake Piso which is situated in the Grand Cape Mount County and is a saltwater lake with an open link in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Coastal Beaches are another attraction. So visit the CeCe Beach, the Bernards’ Beach, the Kendejah Beach, the ELWA Beach, and the Thinker’s Village Beach.

Elwa Beach in Liberia

Today Monrovia is a huge city with a lot of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and has the best sights of the sandiest beaches in this part of the world.  Come here and experience the beautiful pleasures of the Kendeja National Cultural centre which is situated along the Atlantic Ocean. It shows all the aspects of the traditions and customs of Liberia. Enjoy the tribal life here and experience the sights of the beautiful life of African customs. So get the best delights in the waterfalls here and also in boating and swimming which are other famous water activities. This is a wonderful experience here.

Then there is the lusciousness of the vegetated land here which is a great canopy in this part of the world. Come here and see how the beautiful and very extensive rainforest zone which is alive to the twittering and the screeching of the birds here and see how the pygmy hippos and the forest elephants lend beauty to the traveller’s eye here.

Pygmy Hippos in Liberia

Africa is certainly a land to explore and a region to experience. With the best sights of the most enthralling delights this is certainly a land to be in, in one of those wildlife tours to this part of the world. Enjoy Liberia here and come back with a terrific travel kitty.

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