Kayaking in Alaskan waters

We found adventure waiting for us in Alaska’s Inside Passage. The flat terrain with sheets of ice distorted the distance and would fool people with the misty fog that fills the morning air.

A scene right out of the movie “free whilly” played in my mind as I could hear the characteristic blow of the orcas through the mist and I felt they were nearby. The mornings here in this winter land can be calm and yes, cold to the bone. Sunlight is blanked out by the mist and the beams make it through sometime. The silence and peace can be calming but deafening. An eagle flying solo makes itself heard through its piercing cry as it dives in for the fish.

Kayaking in Alaska

It feels divine kayaking with my loyal companion, my heart beat as it goes on a rampage when a sound breaks the quite air. Then all of a sudden danger and action await me as a harbor seal breaks the ice surface and jumps at the kayak. I wouldn’t mind a seal hanging about me in another place and time but I could understand his hurry as his life was on the line.

I splashed hard in the water to deter the animal off the kayak and gaining balance so as to not topple the boat. The seal tries another shot at finding refuge on the long end of the boat but I veer him off. It gives me a sad look and plunges in, what could be a final dive for this little harbor seal.

Alaska kayaking adventure

I plan on continuing the route with a refreshed approach when a quick sliver flash distracts my view under the boat. Soon enough, i am stunned by the attack of a small salmon fish right into the chest. It jumps and pounds against the kayak to make its way back to its home. I understand I am in the midst of all action in these serene Alaskan waters.

The clear surface is cut by the swift movement of dorsal fins as orcas one after the other fly in to sight. The hungry killer whales are in the hot pursuit of a school of salmon which has been corned by the port to my right, under my boat. The salmon as I realize are in a state of panic as the killer whales charge.

I seem to be paddling right in the eye of the storm as the salmon beat themselves against the port wall to rush for their lives. Killer whales or orcas are friendly to humans and never have been known to harm human beings. Well this could be the first I thought. I panic yet all I could do was to sit in the boat and catch the drama as it unfolds.

Orca Salmon

The hunt of the orcas is well carried out as they dive in and out for the kill. Some of whales even brush and graze against my boat. A sudden realization comes to me that the whales are using the boat as a barrier to stop the fish from moving about. Bloody scales and salmon meat fill the air and my boat.

These whales gentle and swift are a delight and a pleasure to watch at close range or at a distance. The young ones reach heights of cuteness. After having their fill the whales move about them and then fade into the fog. I can see the dorsal fins in the distance against the setting sun.

Paddling in the cold waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage can bring you closer to nature and the mighty killer whales might just put in an appearance and will be ready to wow you.

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