Travel To Kathmandu: The Tainted City Of Asia

Have you travel to Kathmandu in a desire of spending delighting holidays with your family members? But be cautious, before you take a dip in the holy waters of the River Bagmati, pay attention and be very circumspect as this river can take you in the cuffs of epidemic diseases. This sanctified river is no less than excrement of waste thrash.

Nepal’s most popular premiere destination, Kathmandu entices millions of tourists from the entire globe. However, today it is no longer in a good stable condition as most of its area seems no less than a sewage drain and it’s sacred River Bagmati has transformed into a major location for dumping the waste materials.

Also the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development’s Bidya Banmali Pradhan says “Parks are being destroyed, and the River Bagmati is sacred but now smells like a sewer so nobody wants to take a holy dip. The once sleepy Kathmandu valley saw its population double between 1996 and 2004, and that the sole foreign-funded wastewater treatment plant was not working due to a lack of maintenance.”

The issue that is alarming in the ears of environmentalists is that if the current happenings don’t cease to take a toll and rise to the same speed, then impecunious Kathmandu’s future will get stuck in blusterous stormy weathers. Also, it might get vulnerable to experience less tourists or might be even compelled to backset its tourism industry facing heavy economic losses.

The degradation of Environment report on Kathmandu published an article which reported how people staying in the banks of the blessed river thrash dangerous chemicals and waste water in the rivers due to which the river water is no more pure for drinking as well as of no use for other activities. Also, it disclosed the fact that Kathmandu tracks itself amongst one of the 20 cities in Asia that are termed as the most contaminated.

In addition to these threatening situations, lays another vulnerable ominous condition that the open natural environments are speedily getting destroyed, as from past few years some construction work are geared up. And to add to these predicaments, is the negligence of the inhabitants towards the environment, all these together are susceptible to destroy this sacred and legendary destination.

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Earned recognition as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this ancient destination is popular for bestowing marvelous bird’s eye view of the nature and affords a rare facet of providing the ancient architectural view.

To preserve all these, it is the urgent call of time that everyone deals with nature with utmost care. People should now start raising their awareness so that we do not lose such a precious jewel from our hands. There is no doubt that the country has been successful in achieving peace and getting control over the rebellious Maoists. But today we need that power and dedication for shielding the natural surroundings and environment which tops the agenda list for Kathmandu.

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    I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s a great place and if you haven’t visited here than you are missing most important travel destination. It’s great place with great people.
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