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Kalpathy is a lovely little town in the southern state of Kerala in India. Kerala – god’s own country offers the views and pleasures of such sights and more and has the ability to attract many tourists from all over the world through out the year. On one of the Kerala tours, it is an interesting place to visit and it surely would add to your travel kitty.

Kalpathy is located in the Malabar region of Kerala and has the famous Kalpathy Viswanatha Swamy temple. This temple has Lord Shiva as the presiding deity and was constructed by H.Kombi Achan sometime in the year 1425 AD. It is one of the oldest types of temples of Shiva in the region of Malabar today. Located on the mouth of the River Neela, this is a place where many other deities like Sri Visalaksh, Valli Devayani Sametha Subrahmanyaswamy, Dakhshinayana Murthy, Gangadhara, Surya Bhavara, Vinayaka, Pradesh Handi, Nandeeswaran, Simhasundari, Nataraja are worshipped.

Kalpathy Viswanatha Swamy temple

Tamil Brahmins perform the rituals and the place is replete with a lot of religious fervour and travel pleasures.

The Ratholsavam

Kalpathy is very famous for its Chariot Festival – The Ratholsavam which is normally held in the month of November. There is a procession that it is taken out on the seventh day of this chariot festival. The deity is taken out in the ratha or chariot.  These chariots look resplendent and the entire sight is very beautiful with the devotees pulling the chariots with a large number of crowds. The last three days of the Ratholsavam festival is very energetic and active as devotees join hands and enrich the entire place with the spiritual and religious events that keep happening continuously here. On one of your tours to Kalpathy do make it a point to attend this festival as it is a perfect example of beautiful sights and united efforts.

Ratholsavam festival

Lord Sri Vishwanadha Swamy and goddess Parvathy are taken out in one chariot, then Lord Visweswara in the other and Lord Subrahmanya in the third chariot. All of them look fascinatingly beautiful as they are seen adorned with beautiful floral decorations. The sight actually is very memorable and devotees cherish it a great deal as the whole ambience is one of purity and devotion.

Kalpathy is situated around 3 kms from the town of Palakkad lying on the border of the two states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. With Coimbatore Cochin as the nearest airports and Palakkad as the nearest railhead, Kalpathy is accessible easily by road, rail and air. The temple here is one of the 18 agraharams in the district of Palakkad and is as old as the 15th century.

Chariot Festival Chariot Festival

Chittur Kongan Pada

The other festival that is celebrated here is the Chittur Kongan Pada which is celebrated in the Kalpathy temple. This is celebrated in memory of the victory of the Nayar soldiers from the region of Chittur over the Chola Kings of Coimbatore. This king was known as the Rajadhiraja. This festival is normally celebrated in the month of February. Then there are many other temples like the
Nellikulangara Bhagavathy Temple, the Kallakulangara temple which are located in and around the Kalpathy temple. The Nellikulangara temple is famous for the Nenmara Vallangi Vela and the Kallakulangara temple is famous for the Chinnathur Pooram.

Nellikulangara Bhagavathy Temple Nenmara Vallangi Vela

With all this in tow, the Kalpathy region is certainly a must see spot in Kerala tours.

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