Journey to the mystical land of Jordan

Africa is the place for the people of who wants to know the details of the forbidden land and Jordan is one of the famous places which is sought after by millions. The journey becomes fantastic when you can visit the treasures of Jordan like Rose City in Petra, the aesthetic landscape of the coast of Dead Sea. But the best part of Jordan is the wild part of Jordan which includes natural reserves of Dana and Ajlun. There are designed tours to these places to give maximum pleasure to the tourists. The tours take guests to the areas that are most famous and give the real feel of the wildness of Jordan.

The 8 days trip starts from the arrival at the airport of Amman International where the representative of the tour operators will pick the tourists and shall take them to Amman Arena Hotel. The next day the tour will start from the hotel and the guests will be taken to the Ajlun natural reserve. The reserve is located in the highlands of Ajlun and the there is an excellent valley around the highlands named Wadi Ain Zubia. The relics of Greeco-Roman cities are still in a good state of preservation as you can identify the thermal baths, temples, markets, churches and two theaters.

The subsequent days will take you to the city of Mosaics known as Madaba, the ancient city of Petra, which is included in the Seven Wonders of the World. The tour keeps moving to the quaint places of Jordan, where 2000 years old Arab Nabateans, the Valley of Moon, and the great Mountain of Al Khazali.

The trip continues to the coast of  Dead Sea, which is known for its spiritual legacy of past.

The price of the tour includes £925 for a group size of 2 to 3 people and the charge changes to £795 for 4 to 6 people. To get guide of good English speaking ability £1,085 needs to be paid additionally.

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