Join the celebrations of Edmonton

After two consecutive days on a bus, we arrived in the city of Edmonton to be a part of the Canada Day celebrations. Travelling is so boring but is also inspiring as we get pleasure of sights from where we are passing by. We stopped every two hours to stretch our legs and see the changing beauties of the location. We went further leaving the Yukon, which is very rocky and hilly and finally we reached the Dawson City after 18 hours of traveling by bus. The area has more gentle hills that are scattered into fields and looks mostly like the countryside around Macclesfield.

We spent little time enjoying together in a group and finally we again got to our seats to reach Edmonton. By the time we reach there, the area I experienced was very much flat. The weather was very touchy until we reached to the city, but the moment we go on and on the climate goes on changing by bringing the rainy, drizzly and cloudy weather. Well, Edmonton is famous for this trendy climate. We got off the bus at last and walked for 20 minutes to the hostel. Here the climate was very hot, with the blazing sunshine we were in mood to explore the place.

Edmonton city

Even though, the time has passed after 6pm, we experienced hot and sunny climate, and the sand was burning from that effect. Our Hostel was not in the downtown Edmonton so we walked ahead in a group to make everyone feel great even after getting tired from the long journey. When we reached at the place, we saw huge crowd of people covered in Canadian Flags and Maple leaves. All could be found in groups. In fact, the city police was also swarming with the people. The Hostel was very big and filled with English people. We entered inside and made some arrangements to take rest.

After few hours of rest, we went out of the Hostel to have food and stared at the celebrations around us. This boosted our energy and we enjoyed couple of moments standing there. Next day, we woke up at 6 am and just chilled by taking a walk around the local area and then we went towards the park. Here we sat and read and enjoyed the sunny climate for few hours. And of course, we chatted a lot and shared some stories of real life incidents, which was very interesting and knowledgeable as well. By strolling down the streets, we spent our entire day.

The next day, we have planned to visit tourist attraction like rock at the Edmonton Mall, which is the biggest mall in the world I felt. This mall includes a Theme Park, Water Park, Ice Skating rink and the rest of usual stuff. We thought that shopping would make our day, but that doesn’t proved much fun as we haven’t bought anything. Already we have a bulk of luggage, and there is no space to carry some more. Therefore, we watched a movie and had fun. After enjoying some special moments with friends, we planned to get back to our places and start our jobs as we have already spent a week.

While traveling to Edmonton, the trip was fascinating as there was so much to see. We went to this spot from Whitehouse and explored as much as possible. We saw grizzly bear; ELK, which is Canadian moose; few wild horses; and buffalo. The next day we went for a walk around the city and truly, it was so busy with every people celebrating Canada Day. We had some food and some beers to be chilled out. Well, we hope to be back to this capital city of Alberta again where many popular cultural events and arts festivals is world famous due to its scenic river valley. It is a home to the largest shopping centre of the world, which is West Edmonton Mall. The mall has more than 800 shops and services with more than 100 eating establishments. Also nine themed attractions like the Galaxyland and the World Waterpark could be found here. It was good to back to the city, but yes a day left to explore some of the Canadian National Parks as well. Yupie! This is a real life I must say, spending some special moments with close friends …

West Edmonton Mall

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  1. Ami says:

    This blog is more about a experience of the author’s 2-3 days trip to this place..

  2. Bill says:

    There is not much description of the festival and it has been titled as one.

  3. Chris says:

    Join the celebrations of Edmonton. The title does not suit the blog at all. Not up to the mark.

  4. Daniel says:

    More than the celebrations the author has told his or her’s story and about travelling and walking which I think is totally irrelevant.

  5. Emanuel says:

    What a waste! There is no proper information of any of the things. I don expect it to be perfect but yeah people shold enjoy while reading.

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