Italy’s Heaven – Rome

John Heywood was truly spellbound with the eternal beauty and charm of Rome that he quoted” Rome was not built in a day”. Everywhere you go, you will find treasures of history chasing you. Rome is not only known for its imperial architecture and historical buildings rather the modern Rome is now commercialised and an important city of Italy. The tourist attractions are widespread in Rome. Infact each and every nook and corner of this city is splendour in itself.

Italy heaven Rome

Don’t dare to lie when you put your hand in the Mouth of Truth, otherwise the mouth will slam shut and you will not be able to withdraw your hand. Hey! Don’t get afraid. It’s a legend associated with the grim marble mask in the atrium of St. Mary’s in Cosmedin Church. Actually it is an ancient drain cover but the stories popular pulls everyone to see it. You will stand still when you pass by the bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius designed by the famous Michelangelo in 1538.

The Trevi Fountain is simply the superb creation of Italian artist. Many people visit it daily and throw coins in the water. The water is changed every day so make sure you visit this undeniable splendour when it is in full flow. Pulled by two sea horses and driven by two tritons, this marble centre piece is just majestic. Piazza Navona is famous for the ‘Fountains of the Four Rivers’ and was constructed by Bernini. This place is synonymous with joys and ultimate entertainment. Spanish Steps is another delightful and stunning location which stands testimony to the architecture of the Baroque period. What makes it more beautiful is the large pots of flowering azaleas on both sides of the staircase.

Trevi Fountain

How can one forget to pay visit to the Vatican City, the home of the Pope. Though known to be the smallest state in the world, the Vatican City is full of museums, gardens, shops, offices, radio and T.V. stations and all highly sophisticated technology. This official nerve centre of Christianity, with the Pope its head, is truly ecstatic. The Roman Colosseum or better understood as amphitheatre stood host to many bloody combats between the slaves known as gladiators and wild beasts. The Roman Forum, the central area around which the ancient Rome was built, though now in ruins but was once a spectacular showcase of the Roman Empire boasting of beautiful buildings and statues. The Roman Pantheon is one more such edifice of the ancient Rome which is the most influential and visited one. It is a Roman temple dedicated to the Roman Gods.

Roman Colosseum

Even the nature lovers would love the Villa Borghese, a natural Park. Housing a few buildings, and museums this area can be reaches through the Spanish Steps. Trastevere will let you enjoy long relaxing walks and still wondering with awe and surprise at the sight of the colourful houses, aroma of home cooked meal and buzzing streets with locals. The Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere is always teeming with activities. Bars, restaurants, old houses, jugglers by the road sides will enthral you. You can also buy some handmade souvenirs to take back home while taking a stroll through the busy buzzing roads. No one is in any rush, any hurry. Life seems to be going at an easy pace here.

Villa Borghese

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  1. Gail Baxter says:

    I lived in Rome for a year.
    Rome took all the vanity out of me, after seeing the wonders there, I felt too insignificant to live, and gave up all my foolish hopes in despair.

  2. Walter Louis says:

    About Rome I have a thought-

    The poor are always ragged and dirty, in very picturesque clothes, and on their poor shoes lies the earth of Lacustrine period.
    And yet what a privilege it is to even be a beggar in Rome!

  3. Freddie Austen says:

    Rome is small enough, quiet enough for strong personal intimacies.
    Rome also gives you plenty of sunlight and plenty of time, unlike any other city in the world!

  4. H. Cousins says:

    Very nice post! Thanks a lot! Keep posting more such Brilliant stuff :-)

  5. Illeana Ryle says:

    Rome is undoubtedly a very beautiful city. History is testimony to all the great people and artists and architecture we have belongs mostly in Rome. Rome is a continuity called ‘eternal’. What has gathered in this place acts on everyone, day and night, like extra climate.
    Rome is a must-see in one’s lifetime.

  6. Hans Phoenix says:

    Anything and everything here is worth visiting! There are small cafes at the corners of narrow streets which are less touristy which one must really visit.You’ll get reasonably priced meals here and lovely wine. This city is the most romantic! The architecture, history and art are all breathtakingly beautiful! Il Coccio is the place to have a meal here. When we went there, they laid out seven appetizers for four of us- delicious lentils, roasted marinated peppers, potato bean, a loaf of bread with cheese and some odd stuff which tasted AWESOME! Next we had four bowls of pasta, a pepper Carbonara, a tomato cream sauce and a tomato meat sauce. I was almost full. But that didn’t stop me from having more. The next was a molten chocolate cake which was arranged beautifully with delicious cream. To top it up was a lemon alcoholic drink. All this came at a really affordable price.
    Rome has the best food and the best sightseeings!

  7. Barry Moore says:

    Rome is PERFECTO in every sense! The food ,the architecture. It’s history is fascinating, I fell in love with this city almost as soon as I stepped my foot here! An amazing place..Most wonderful sights and seeings..You’ll find amazing food and homely wine at small restaurants in the narrow lanes of Rome, where you’ll find less tourists and more locals..And get the real feel of the place! :-)

  8. William Highgroves says:

    Rome is SPECTACULAR. My wife bought me Angels and Demons when we were leaving for Italy. The fact that there were so many churches and landmarks mentioned in the book made it an enjoyable experience as we were going to see them for ourselves. I was bedazzled by the whole experience of seeing the places where history and religion confluenced, and to understand how far-reaching Roman empire’s influence had been.
    Because history is such a big part of Rome, I would definitely encourage travelers to read and find out about the history of this place before they visit this eternal city.

  9. Maggie Hudgens says:

    Italy is glorious and bedazzling! When I arrived in Sorrento I was ready for a snack. I wandered up the street where on a small counter priscuitto was hanging. The owner didn’t understand English and I didn’t know how to speak Italian. But he got me a salami, prisciutto with cheese served on a crunchy bread sprayed with fresh olive oil. The flavor blew my mind. It was an amazing quality of meal I’ve had here in Rome. I’m hooked to this place and can’t wait to go back here again! Thanks for the post! :-)

  10. Jason Mcguire says:

    Lovely post on Rome! Thanks! I’m glad I came across your site. :-)

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