Indian Dance – the folk tour experience

Dance, music and art are a way of life in India and Indian culture is laden with a lot of tradition and other cultural practices. Thus Indian dances form a major portion of folk tours in India .The Folk Tours includes tours to Jammu and Kashmir and also Uttaranchal and Rajasthan. The tours introduce a kind of heritage that only Indian background could give. The tourism industry is proud to showcase these folk tours which take you on a journey to Indian traditions and the richness that the country is endowed with. The tours are a perfect combination of beautiful locales and picturesque surroundings. Absolute variety is the mainstay of such tours.

Jammu and Kashmir is the region of folk art since times immemorial and the main backbone of cultural life here. There are various dances that are pertaining to a particular season and each dance is related to a particular activity of the place. For example if the crops are being sowed, then there is an event to dance about. Similarly for occasions like birth, death or weddings, the dance form is retained and showcased.

North India folk dance

The Mask Dance is a great item of interest in a folk tour in Inida.Thus Indian dance is a dance performed by the Lamas and they do it during the festival of the Hemis. The dance takes place in the Hemi Monastery. Hafiza Dance celebrates the wedding season and then the Bachma Nagma dance is another dance for the harvest season.

Mask dance

Thus while you are on a folk tour, make sure you get to see these dances in the northern part of India. These performances are sure to take you down a lane of knowledge and enrichment about the place that India is and the culture that the country boasts about.

If you are on a Rajasthan Folk Tour then enjoy the culture and the rich heritage that the state has and understand that this land of the sand dunes is a hub of art and artifacts. The land of miniature paintings, great handicrafts and lilting music, this is the place where dance is a form of expression. So while you are touring this lovely state of grandeur do make it a point to also see these dances which express dance in its ultimate form.

Handicrafts Handicrafts

Paintings in the museums of Marwar, Jaipur, and Kota are living proofs of the kind of folk culture that has existed here and encourage the tourists to know more about the place that boasts of the best kind of vibrant colours in dance.

Then you could go on an Uttaranchal Folk Tour which is also a journey to eternity. This is where lies the art and culture that you always wanted to experience in India. The entire region with the greatest of architecture and monuments also gives you the best kind of folklore. There are many tales and legends of past related to Uttaranchal so the art forms here show the events of the past in a creative form.

Uttaranchal folk dance

So this time when you are wondering about what to do, just head for those Indian folk tours to see the Indian dance forms.

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