Incredible India…! New Ventures To Success

Today in the time of global meltdown, where everyone is sacked off from their jobs, some are going through throbbing salary cut offs and most of them are suffering ill effects of recession in the face of unemployment, some one are at the verge of losing their jobs. Our Ministry of tourism has found some fresh interesting tactics and strategies to entice the tourists from all over the globe. The idea behind this is to escalate foreign currency in the country and also to increase tourists visits to create employment.

And what is conspicuous presents a new and enhanced ‘upscale India’.

The secret to touch the summit of success’s answer is the very idea of branding in a fresh way, truly this has helped India to gain globe trotters from all around the world.

This is not my word but it has been mentioned by one of the former officials who have recently released his very own book in which he mentions his personal experiences. Amitabh Kant, former joint secretary in the Ministry of tourism released his book called “Branding India- an incredible story.”

In this book, he fleshes out some interesting details which say that the Incredible India campaign that was launched in 2002 has helped in escalating tourism. The campaign video is so innovative and edgy in its own kind that it portrays a positive facet of India.

The official figures to help my aforementioned point is that this campaign has definitely increased the value point rather than the volume, after that the tourism has also increased by double. It has soared to whopping 5.6 million from 2.3 million. But to this, India has also made a hefty investment from $2.8 billion to $11.5 billion.

In a financial daily called “Business Standard”, over the issue of positioning India as an upmarket destination, Mr. Kant retorted, “Based on a well-researched strategy, we worked out a marketing plan…we were clear about the positioning of the destination, in that we were not looking at a mass destination — we were looking at India which was going to appeal to the upper end of the market.”

“Atithi Devo Bhava”

Incredible India

This is not just a tag line used for branding but it means a lot to the Indians. It is emotionally attached to the hearts and minds of Indians because this is a hereditary teaching of our forefathers and forms a part of our value, custom, tradition. “Atithi Devo Bhava” is a Sanskrit term that means respecting your guests and they are equal to gods. This was an endeavour attempt by the Ministry of tourism to promote tourism in India and was successfully used by Incredible India Campaign. This not only tempted voyagers across the globe but also brought a sense of responsibility among fellow Indians to respect their guest and lend a helping hand towards the tourists.


Religion is been used to spur the tourists to travel to India. As the reports say, there is increasing use of Buddhism to entice the tourists so that there is an influx in the tourism sector. So we are expecting that pilgrimages to the holy Bodhi tree might probably allure and become one of the major reasons in stimulating the tourists to visit India.

The high’s of increased tourism

It’s a known fact that if there are more tourists, India will have a good image in the eyes of the first world countries, also its populace can cash up from it. Also others will get exposure of a prodigious and unexplored India. Tourism will inundate money, employment and more significantly it will lead to some of the infrastructural, technological and health developments. Also the tourists will be cheerful because they will get to glance on the essence of India i.e. unity in diversity, diverse cultures and religions, all sharing the same space with brotherhood and peace.

And also they will get to see the magnificent poise of india’s side i.e. the explicit phenomenal monuments like Taj Mahal, Golden Temple of Amritsar, Ajanta Ellora and many such others which are plenty in India.

Incredible India

The low’s Of Increased Tourism

Increased tourism is surely a good factor but there are always two facets to any point, so we cannot ignore the bad sides of tourism, it leads to environmental degradation. Also because of rapid growth in technology and industrial advancement we have started facing the negative brunt of nature.  For instance, we are now facing the ill-effects of global warming in the form of less rains, summer season started early before its regular time.

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