How to Reach the Brazilian City of Manaus?

The Brazilian city of Manaus is located on Rio Negro; the city has a population of around 2.5 million. You can get into the city by plane. The city is 2200 Km away from the capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and you will need around 4 hours for reaching Manaus from the capital city. If you are coming from North America, a direct airplane ride will take you to Manaus much faster compared to the backtracking rides via Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. If you are visiting the city from Europe, you will need to reach either North America or Central America first and then take the flight to Manaus. The most well known Airlines offering flights to Manaus are: Copa Airlines, United Airlines, Azul Airlines etc.

To make a journey a little more exciting, you can opt for boat rides for reaching Manaus. This city is one of the major boating destinations on Amazon River. If you start from Belem, a place on Atlantic Coast, you will need around 5 days for reaching Manaus. Boat rides to places like Tabatinga (a city on the border of Columbia), Proto Velho, Iquitos (a city of Peru) etc can also be availed from Manaus.

Some also prefer to take bus rides for reaching Manaus. However, the road conditions of the bus route are not the best. Due to bad roads, very few long distance bus services have originated in this area. You can get into a bus from Caracas, Venezuela that will take you to Manaus within 36 hours. The journey would be quite comfortable as the bus is an air-conditioned one and boasts reclining seats. To enhance the comfort factor, the bus also has a toilet.

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