Amazing Chinese Wonders

There are many places to see around in China. China has some amazing and world famous monuments which have gained popularity over the years. Some of the interesting places to visit in China are The Great Wall of China, Baishui Terraces, the Big Wild Goose and the some others.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China, is an amazing historic landmark and is known to be a popular landmark for the tourists who visit the place. The Wall is the most fascinating and the most extraordinary is known to be the one of the seven wonders of the world. People from all over the world visit this amazing piece of architecture and is known in China to be an appaling piece of monument.

Great Wall of China

How was the Wall built

The Great Wall of China was built by the Chang Cheng and the Wan Li dynasty. This was built somewhere around the 206 and 220 B.C and then again by the Ming Dynasty in the year 1368 to 1644 AD. Millions of people were believed to be the labourers and had died working and building the Great Wall of China.

Great Wall of China built

How long did it take to build the Wall

It took around more than 2 milleniums to build the Wall. After the Qin emperor was said to have unified China, the Wall had been built and extends to around 5000 km. This Wall is said to resemble the Chinese dragon and runs across the rivers, deserts, mountains, plateaus and the grasslands. This amazing piece of architecture is believed to have swept through the Shanhaiguan Pass and then onto the Liaoning and Hebei and then going into Tianjin, Beijing and reaches to Shanxi and Mongolia, Ningxia and then into Gansu and finally ends onto the Jiayuguan Pass. This Great Wall measures upto 6,700 km long and the entire structure had been built by using hand and stone, bricks, sand, straw and other materials.

Great Wall of China

The Wall today

The Wall stands tall today and had been again rebuild by the Ming Dynasty. It took almost about 600 years for the dynasty to build the Great Wall again. At that point of time, there wasnt any cement available and so the Wall was built by using rice flour to make the structure strong, instead of mortar and bricks.

Apart from the Great Wall of China, there are other places where you can visit. The Baishui Gardens are another great place to visit.

The Baishui Gardens are the most amazing place to visit. The garden is one of the oldest and the most exquisite place to visit. There are a number of activities which you can do at the place.

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  1. nick says:

    the great wall of china is another wonder of the world. the longest extending wall upto 6700km is a one of the greatest adventures in the world.

    this also shows the chinese tradition as it resembles the chinese dragon.

  2. Todd says:

    Thanks for the post!

    The Great Wall can be seen from Earth orbit, but, contrary to legend, is not visible from the moon, according to astronauts Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, and Jim Irwin.

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