Gone with the Wind to Guatemala

Guatemala is a gorgeously scenic country where flat plains and sandy shores converge with the ascending moorlands that exemplify a large part of the Guatemalan landscape. What signifies the culture of this territory is undoubtedly the very vivid influences of the ancient Mayan faith and set of beliefs.

The Mayan culture is nowhere else in the whole of Central America to be found embedded so intricately.  The archaic civilization of the Mayan inhabitants has resulted in magnificent towns, the relics of which continue to strike the visitors in awe and sheer amazement.

Guatemala City

The tourist attraction at Guatemala is unparallel with any other place to present such a fine picture of such an old and celebrated civilization that is especially known for its precise calendar and prediction of future course of events. Along with the remnants of such a massive civilization, what further astounds the visitor is the range of thirty-seven molten glaciers of volcanoes that can be spectacled all over the moorlands. With thirty-seven bubbling volcanoes, there can at least be one volcano out of all to be active, which can be seen either up closely or from a distance.

Guatemala volcano

The beaches running parallel to Guatemala can hardly even be thronged by crowds, and are rather a pristine get away from the hustle and bustle of usual city life. Vacationing at Guatemala is filled with secrets of the past and splendors of nature. One can even hike in the heart of the mountains and discover a village atop. Today, a massive tourist hub, Guatemala attracts millions of visitors, overshadowing on the fact of its dark past related to the thirty-six years long episode of the brutal Civil War, which came to be ended in the year of 1996.

The very varied and a prosperous heritage of the Guatemala, coupled with inviting town-folks is surely going to make your journey a memorable one for a long long time ahead.

What further imbues a high-point in the vacation experience to Guatemala is courtesy the existence of the lasting Mayan people. Even prior to the arrival of the Spaniards on the lands of Guatemala dating back to the 1500s, the Mayans had already settled here. To spectacle the ruins of the Mayan Culture, there’s no other place better than the Tikal and the El Mirador situated in the Peten territory towards the northern side. In today’s time, Tikal is significant from the view of guided tours, with the starting point of the trip being the neighboring and very affable city of Flores. Flores serves as a perfect gateway for any trip or journeys made into Peten.

Tikal Guatemala

A lot of people turning to Guatemala for a vacation are here with the prime motive of getting an opportunity to view the relics of the Maya heritage, which is most significantly reputed for its rich cultural legacy brought about in their ways of dressing or traditions, or even their utensils and wares, which is peculiar of the Mayan culture.

In order to seep in the true-blue vibe of the Guatemalan culture, visit the village of Chichicastenango where the flea markets especially on the Sundays and Thursdays are filled with local inhabitants, as they participate in the weekly bazaar in order to vend their items. The frenzied colors-sights-smells-scenes of the local market are etched on the minds of the visitor for a long time.

The Guatemala culture also carries influences of the occupation of the Spaniards, as well as on the architectural styles of the country. Quaint churches and cathedrals set in the backdrop of rolling hills and steep mountains gives the cities of Quetzaltenango and Antigua a perfect picturesque backdrop. While your visit to Guatemala, Antigua is going to be the most famous city to explore in the region, which is also declared as a World Heritage Site by the prestigious UNESCO.

Antigua is closely located with the Guatemala city that enchants the visitors so greatly, that they never would want their vacations to come to an end. Both the cities are in close proximity with another place of attraction called the Lake Atitlan. It’s scenic splendors and beaches boast of the very well tended town of Panajachel. The local fishermen make for friendly locals who make the visit so worth-while. What remains a high-point on the visit to the closely situated Pacaya is a peek into its bubbling volcano is definitely you can miss. As you visit this region, the concept of Eco-tourism is what you will experience. This green haven boasting rolling hills and amazing forests provide various activities to the traveler; thus making this vacation a perfect vacation filled with so many exciting options be it exploring the winding past, or letting yourself wander about in the unmarred beauty of nature, or even a culture trip.

Lake Atitlan

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