Glimpse Of Inca Dove In Arid Locales

Columbina Inca dove is little and long tailed dove with dark scaly pattern allover the body. It is a very beautiful bird and its flight is worth a watch, when it flies, it flaunts its rusty red wing feathers and white outer tail feathers. During its flight, it reflects reddish blaze and has other distinct features comprising of fish like pattern on the breast, head and over the black feathers. Basically, it is tiny and measures 7 to 9 inches.

Columbina Inca has a distinctive lifespan of 2 to 3 years, and however it is limited up to arid and semi-arid regions because it cannot endure for long in cold habitats. Mostly, you can get its view in the urban regions between United States and Costa Rica. Also, mostly it is spotted in Washington County alongside St. George area.

While it is fleeing, it generates tweeting tuneful sounds of “hoo hoo” and perpetually repeats it over 30 times in a minute. This chirpy sound fills the hushed natural surroundings with excitement during the early summer. Want to know one naughty fact pertaining to this petite dove? This dove involves in an unusual conduct popularly called as “pyramid roosting.” In this activity, clump of Inca doves congregate together in sunlight and everyone occupies the position of sitting on one another. Then they form a dove pyramid which may be up to three layers height comprising of 12 birds.

inca dove

They form there habitats in the form of delicate nests built up of sticks that are roughly attached to each other. Preferably, they build there nests around human surroundings. It spends its time rummaging for its food that comprises of seeds, wheat, crack corn, oats and also, it feeds on native plants. Most of the times, they search for their foods solely or in a colossal group of 100 Inca doves, and may be even more than this after the late afternoon. And the sweet little minute baby doves are fed milk alike other species of doves.


Aren’t its actions amusing, I know after reading this description you are tempting to gaze a sight of Columbina Inca doves, don’t worry, for looking them you don’t have to visit a long way, just take a meticulous walk around your vicinity, I am sure enough that you will find it, if you reside in arid regions. Also, they are perpetual guests in the residences of bird-feeders. And for the bird watcher enthusiasts, the Inca dove serves as an eye-candy. So, make sure that you manage to watch the reddish Inca dove.

inca dove inca doves inca dove Columbina Inca Columbina Inca Inca Dove

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