Get Festive on a Kerala tour

India is a land of festivals and Indian festivals are a reason to get rooted deep in tradition and culture. Festivals signify the regional customs of a place and while on a Kerala tour don’t forget to enjoy these festivals in this God’s own country – Kerala.

With its rich history, Kerala is a place which is an area of diverse cultures and tradition culminating to form a single festival. There are many such festivals here in this land of beaches and coconut trees . Let us have a knowhow.

Kerala festival tour

Vishu is a major festival of the people of Kerala so if you are on a Kerala tour go to this place during the month of April. This is the first festival of the Keralites and is usually on the first day of the New Year of the Malayalam calendar. It is in the month of Medam and is similar to the Bihu of Assam, the Baisakhi in Punjab and the Poyla Boishakh in Bengal. The mainstay of the function is the preparation of the kani. There is an uruli or a bell metal vessel and this is placed on a palm leaf . The Konna tree flowers are important for decoration and they are arranged well on this vessel. Then there are some coins that are kept in a cup and also a coconut then all the vegetables of various colours. The children and many of the family members are brought blindfolded to the place where all these are kept in front of a mirror. Early in the morning is the time they are brought when it is dark and in the light of a lamp they see all greens, and yellows and oranges of the vegetables and thank God for a good harvest. It is celebrated as a form of gratitude to God for all the prosperity that he gives us.

Vishu festival

The next important festival is Onam. This is held during the month of August and is held to celebrate the rule of Mahabali. It is a ten day festival and is widely celebrated across the country. There are processions taken and lovely decorated elephants which are showcased during this time. There are Kathakali performances and great scenes from the epics taken and shown. People dress themselves in various costumes and paint themselves in various colours of black, red and blue. They dance to the beat of the instruments like the thakil and the udukku.


Onam is a time for complete celebration as it celebrates harvest. There are water festivals held during this time and there are boat races too which are held in the Kerala backwaters. This is the main event of the Kerala state and while on a Kerala tour it is surely a thing to see and please don’t miss it.

Kerala backwaters

Then there is the festival of the Attukal Pongala which is a great celebration where the Attukal temple deity is propitiated. There are many devotees who come here and the priest performs the ritual. Cooked pudding is distributed here and people take it home as a Prasad.

Attukal Pongala

Go on a Kerala tour and enjoy all this and more.

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