Fire Island: An Eco-Friendly Paradise Close To Manhattan

Fire Island is an extensive mind-blowing beach located in New York City. Standing as a barrier of the Long island, it remains as a part of the National Seashore. I found this magical beach as blazing as its name, its environment refreshes and fills the calmness and serenity into an apprehensive living being. The island serves as a safe haven to the distinct creature sea gulls which turn this fun place and your eyes perpetually demand its soothing sight.

Fire Island is unstoppably taken care of due to the ongoing conservation program that is meant to preserve the diverse plants and animals. They want to secure these creatures from being extinct and also desire to let the sea waters remain immaculate. The inhabitants over here voluntarily participated in the “Beach renourishment project” an initiative in which contributed the National Park Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Towns of Brookhaven and Islip. The initiatives held in the winter and spring of 2009 involved scouring sand from an offshore area and pumping it onto the beach and layering the sand in such a way that it resembles a beach.

Because of this ongoing project, many restrictions like walking out of the public access is forbidden to the tourists, the motto behind this is to conserve the eco system. So, if you visit there, it’s my humble request not to perform any such activities that will lead to demolishment of this marvelous natural creation.

This will subsequently result to your own benefit, consequently by being a serene and tranquil location, away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-pacer life. So, anyone seeking a calm destination and desiring to explore some of the amazing natural wonders, this place is a must visit for those. Voyaging this location, will blatantly make you contribute in a noble cause of maintaining eco-friendly place. It offers chance of exploring Fire Island by the adventurous way of water taxis which takes you to each and every section of this location. These are obviously not that cheap, but its fare depends upon how far you choose to go.

fire island national seashore

While entering the Fire Island, you will find the wooden walkways that are actually spread out for nurturing the environment. These thin wooden planks protect the sand dunes. This island shelters lots of birds’ nests, but they are not perceptible because the tall grasses hides them from getting a conspicuous view. And if you want to peek-a-boo and cull more insights, move to the Robert Moses State Park, here you will get to discover the ecological balance of the Fire Island. Over here, you can access through cars via the Robert Moses Causeway. There is another tiny settlement nearby the Fire Island which is popularly known as Cherry Grove, isn’t the name amazing? Atleast that is what I found. This place is quite famous for its magnificent art galleries.

Another part of this island is a National Park which regularly held some programs that highlight the environmental issues. So, visiting this national park will provide you a blend of information and environment i.e. infotainment. Also, there is the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune wilderness which is the only conserved wilderness in the whole of New York. One can enjoy the wilderness of nature while staying in camps, but before camping you have to take permission at the Watch Hill Visitor Center. But the best time to camp over here is between late fall and early spring. So experience the uniqueness and purity of this special place.

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