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Touring to Cape Verde is a visit to series of isolated volcanic islands located at around 500km off-the Senegal coast. There is not just an open ocean that bifurcates Cape Verde from the whole of West Africa. The country’s atmosphere is quite well balanced by the natural perspective as well by the humans. For instance: the cool currents which flows help in maintaining the temperature to be modest and the steady economical and political conditions workout for the country’s high standard of living.

You may notice here that the inhabitants represent varied degrees of African and Portuguese traditions and become very energetic and vigorous if you come from Britain and if say, you are arriving from Lagos or Dakar, then there expressions turn to be refreshingly low. Going by its history, the inhabitants have had been through rough times. Being in remotest terrain and enduring continuous droughts once lead to adverse conditions of famine. The history of Cape Verde says that generations have been forced to leave their homes somberly and migrate in other countries. Today, however the times have changed and hunger no longer pricks the inhabitants. I think this teaches a lesson for valuing things, so you too just glance the terraced hillsides which warm in the Sun’s rays and value the preciousness of each and every grain.

cape verde islands holidays Despite of occupying small geographical location, the islands are preserved beautifully. The islands flaunt a plethora of landscapes ranging from barren lands of Maio to lush green valleys of Santo Antao. Then, on the other hand is Fogo, which is a single volcanic peak whose slopes steep down with the rivers of frozen lava. Also, there are the stunning Sal and Boa Vista beaches, which are quite popular and serve as a pleasant eye-candy to the tourists. They witness visit of throngs of tourists, who come here to explore the adventurous activities. However, Cape Verde remains to be a spot which excels for fulfilling the wishes of expert and fearless tourists, which enjoy the brave hiking trails, gushing windsurfing, the deep sea angler and morno devotee.

marine turtles Cape Verde shelters fewer populace of animals compared to the whole of Africa. However, it is enriched with bird population that numbers over 75 species, also the number of endemics reaches to a pretty good 38 species. This is a paradise for bird-watchers as the rare species of frigate bird and razo lark can be spotted here. The beautiful kingfishers are common sights that grab the eye-balls by its vociferous calls.

barracuda fish Divers have a chance to spot diverse species of fish especially tropical species like groupers, moray eels, parrot fish, barracudas, angelfish, luck, mantra rays, sharks and marine turtles. There are five distinct species of turtles that visit the island while they are on tour to Atlantic. If you are keen to gaze sights of these unusual species loaded in this island, then make sure you visit here between May and October because they inhabit this land in large numbers during this time.

boa vista cape verde Thrust to the peak of the spectacular and cinder-clad Mt. Fogo, which is perched at an altitude of 2829m and gains recognition as the highest peak in the country. It also remains to be distinct by the way of being the only active volcano of the country. Also, if you are gourmet, then indulge in a treat of grogue which is a rumlike national drink. Adventurous tourist can trek over the pine-clad skirts of the Santo Antão Island and then walk downwards in the marvelous cliffs and lush green valleys. Adventure lovers can get into a virtual retreat in the beaches of Boa Vista where they can enjoy windsurfing by the transatlantic winds which thrusted Columbus to the New World. Relish the native and indigenous tunes that musicians execute out so well. They wave loved ones goodbye with a ‘morno’ and greet them welcome with ‘coladeira.’

cape verdePlaces to visit in Cape Verde

Boa Vista:

Located on the banks of the Rio Branco, this city serves as a state capital and houses more than half of Roraima’s populace. It proffers access to two striking, immaculate and off the beat regions of Serra Grande and Serra de Tepequem.

Santo Antão Island

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