Explore Exceptional Ways Through Whitewater Paddling – Part I

Adventure lovers don’t like the regular way of life and always try to explore fun from unconventional ways. So, if you tag yourself to be adventurous and gain fun only in the twists and turns of escapades, let’s have fun together in the rivers. Fetch your canoes candidly in the rivers as I will suggest some simple steps from which you can churn out loads and loads of fun. From this side, you can expose places from all new angles and get into places which are either not accessible.

You will pass through some of the extraordinary settlements formed alongside the banks of river and perhaps make an overnight halt in riverbanks getting warmth of the camp-fire. Also might be, you attain a chance to glimpse how some uncommon communities over a long time have become friends with the rivers after inhabiting over their sides. Trust me, you will carry with yourself lots of unsurpassable experience and they would form a part of unforgettable collection. So let’s get ahead…

1. Find a local paddling club

Before getting started, its better to have an acquaintance from the internet. But the wisest option would be that you yourself visit to the locals and clear your queries like what the locals run? Who would be paddling? And the most significant among every question is about safe voyaging and getting more fun. Don’t worry unnecessarily about petty stuffs like how will you gel with new people, how you will start talking? Understand the basic that the motto of local paddling clubs is inviting fresh starters and assist them to learn the tactics. Also, they are of friendly and embracing nature, they themselves take the initiatives to take the new starters enter the rivers. These positive characteristic has helped such local clubs to stay afloat and leave good impressions on the minds of the people. You can trace local paddling clubs in countries like U.S. and Canada. Get in the rivers boldly by overcoming your fears.

Slalom Racing

This is exciting water sports admired for its swift sporting techniques and has been a part of much- hyped Olympics since 1936. Learning this energetic sport involves lots of practice and knowledge of tactics. This is an over-enthusiastic sport and is deemed to be the best water sports. The one who specializes in paddling slalom are considered to be the best paddlers. Catch some one midst the slalom racers and make friends with them, and further that enjoy the fun in rivers.

If you desire to learn this great sport, and then straight away head towards White water racing clubs, they guide the integral techniques simply by training on the race-courses that are built on mild and flat waters. Learning these techniques do not make a hole in your pocket, you don’t need to buy stuffs like race boat. If you learn the basic stuffs that is efficient paddling techniques, then certainly you will rock in the waters too.

2. Take lessons with an American Canoeing Association (ACA) or other qualified instructor

People who venture it for the first time in the river water, mostly it has become a common phenomenon that they have their first experiences of sitting in a kayak or canoe of a friend that too in some small lake or pool. So for such people, I recommend that don’t take the risk into the river abruptly without proper knowledge and paddling tactics. First you take precise training from any American Canoeing Association or any other qualified instructors.

They will enable you to attain fun in the waters simultaneously without harming yourself. But keep in mind, that you take practical exposure in the classes where an instructor teaches 5 or less than 5 or if you want that you want that the instructor teaches concentrates on you at a particular time than don’t hesitate from taking private classes.

Your initial trainings would include learning the basic steps like fitting into the canoe or kayak that might at first leave you uneasy because you may find it too tight as if you have worn it, but the idea behind this is that you confine into it.

whitewater kayak paddle

3. Don’t buy gear, rent from local paddleshop or borrow from a club

This is the most common mistake that people commit and after which they dive into frustration. What people do is initially they buy all the stuffs comprising of kayaks, safety gears, even before they know how to paddle in the rivers. After buying all the stuffs when they venture into river and face some hurdles, they get upset and start worrying that the money they invested in gears has all gone into vain.

So, if you do not want to experience the same consequences and end up being hopeless, consider my suggestion. What you do is borrow or hire the stuffs from the local paddling clubs with whom you have arrived; they always carry an extra stuff which they will find happy to lend to you. Here, you can get chance to try out some new and interesting variety of boats and safety gears, so try to take the most out of it. Past you have searched stuffs that suit you and are perfectly appropriate for you, and then you can confidently go ahead and buy one.

Whitewater Paddling

4. Find your “training ground”

Its now the time to venture into the river, after you had your part of training which would have provided the knowledge of how to enter and exit the boat, how to paddle and other essential techniques. Also, while all these you might have managed to seek the appropriate boats and gears for yourself. So what are you waiting for, it’s the time to apply all the efforts and techniques that you had invested your energy in. Go there and feel the fun in gushing river waters and take home unforgettable memories. Head ahead and check out more adventure waiting in the next segment.

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