Enthralling Kuala Lumpur – Part I

Kuala Lumpur, past several years of acquiring the runner-up position, it has created a path of victory for itself. It is an electrifying location and simpler to bargain than Bangkok, grittier than Singapore and more exhilarating than Hanoi. The humming of Kuala Lumpur is as conspicuous as its invigorating ambiance of blazing satay, ponging durian, pleasant incense and petrol blisters.

Even today, Kuala Lumpur remains a city with roadway cracks and potholes where you have to be vigilant every time, so that you don’t crash over it. But don’t just magnify your eyes over the streets and behold the broader view of the horizon and surroundings. Over a period of 150 years, Kuala Lumpur has transformed from the old image of shabby tin huts in the forests regions to a vigorous contemporary metropolitan terrain. Today, it proudly stands as a home to the radiant Petronas Tower, a classical design which until recently bagged a reputation of being the world’s tallest building.

petronas TowerIn the scuttle of flourishing, Kuala Lumpur has devastated its ancient buildings; but still there survives few old colonial epoch architects. However, the city’s premiere masterpieces and stunning architects include Chinatown, Little India and Kampung Baru which are the core spirit of Kuala Lumpur’s Chinese, Indian and Malay communities. This multi-ethnic culture adds more fascinations to its charm, its here where at one place you would be burning joss sticks at a Chinese temple and the next time you would be removing your shoes to worship in a Hindu temple or mosque.

kuala lumpur
Tourists will gain pleasure in this diverse terrain as they can shop, eat and roam like a king. Here, the nightlife’s atmosphere is just unusual. Those who are seeking serenity in Kuala Lumpur, this place is an idyllic destination to chill in scenic lush green landscapes and authentic natural ambiance in the neighboring hamlet of Selangor. Also, city’s green parks offer amusement to the tourists. Other striking destinations worth a visit.

Islamic Arts MuseumIslamic Arts Museum:

Explore Malaysia’s intriguing Islamic history at the Islamic Arts Museum. This beautiful museum exhibits some of the marvelous display of Islamic art forms in the entire globe. The whole building is filled with remarkable Islamic architectural descriptions and its galleries are incorporated with beautiful carpets, costumes, jewelry, religious manuscripts, textiles, tiles, ceramics and weapons.

The most prominent and striking structures include a splendid recreation of an Ottoman room and an array of small models of renowned mosques from allover the world. The edifice has also incorporated a chic restaurant which serves Middle Eastern buffet lunches at weekends and there is a superb shop that sells high-class Islamic arts and crafts.

Thean Hou TempleThean Hou Temple:

To the South of Brickfields, lies this elaborate and impressive modern temple which has been created by the Chinese Community. Adorning a forested hilltop, this lofty temple is filled with extravagant statues and covered by a rising dragon roof. The main temple is devoted to the Godly Mother Thean Hou, which is joined by Guan Yin- the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy to the right and Shuiwei Shengniang- the Goddess of the Waterfront to the left. The shrine’s upper deck affords stunning scenic views, while the lobby shelters hawker stalls and stalls which sell prayer beads and other spiritual knick-knackery.

For getting an access to the religious shrine, catch a taxi or bus from the Klang bus stop. After this, proceed upwards the hills straight to the holy temple. There is another route to get in the temple, for that catch a monorail to Tun Sambanthan station, get across Jln Syed Putra theorugh the bridge and then walk up the hill.

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