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Ecuador can offer a vacation experience straight out of a mixed bag! With such a diverse blend of an array of activities, sights, sceneries, smells and sounds to be find here, it becomes absolutely next to impossible to explore the entire expanse of Ecuador in a single trip. The country is washed by the pristine shores of the Pacific Sea in its western region, while Columbia is to bordered on the northern side, while to the southern and eastern sides is the country of Peru.

Ecuador city

Ecuador is at the cross-road of absolutely assorted regions, each with their own unique set of adventure activities for the good-times-seeker. Boasting the Galapagos Islands that are unrivaled for not just their scenic splendors but also some of the most spectacular species of animals not to be found elsewhere; then the Amazon Rain Forests for its wide range of flora and fauna, pristine rivers gushing through the wilderness and the very beautiful, emerald like jungle; along with the Pacific Coast highlighting the true blue vacation experience for its exotic beaches; and last but not the least the Highlands of the Andes for its quaint towns, Indian villages, snow-covered peaks, volcanoes – Ecuador possess a multi-shade holiday experience to suit the needs of each and everyone as per their tastes and likes.

Ecuador volcanoes

City of Quito

What defines Ecuador’s edifying heart and the leading capital is the typical glass buildings, regal government houses, business conglomerates and last but not the least, the many wander lusting souls.

City of Quito

What makes the place all so happening is that even while keeping pace with the modern world, one can still spectacle the old world charm brought by the indigenous people. The women speaking in the traditional language of Quichua maintaining a peculiar look displaying a number of bead strings around their necks, toddlers strapped on tightly to their mother’s backs in shawls, make for a very outlandish appearance.

A large chuck of the inhabitants called the Quitenos thrive in the area known as New Town, which is also a home to many travelers and those on a business trip. As contrary to the New Town, the Old Town as the name suggests is a quaint place marked by cobbled streets, winding lanes and a lot of squares to which turn the local folks for their routine happenings. Old Town will definitely stir an air of nostalgia reminding the influence of the Spanish colonists and also representing the varied art forms that evolved in Ecuador dating as long ago as to the sixteenth century. The art and culture scene is still active.

The very huge and celebrated museum of the Fundacion Guayasamin envisages the splendor of the New Town which glitters with other structures adding to the charm of the town. There is also an extensive complex situated atop a hilly area. The Fundacion Guayasamin exhibits the period of political tussle, discrimination based on race, dearth and deficiency and snobbery arising from the prejudiced class distinction. While visiting the museum, one can also walk around in the huge garden area and relish the scenes from the extending balconies.

Fundacion Guayasamin

The city of Quito in Ecuador is also abuzz with a lot many ancient churches, cathedrals, monasteries. Do remember that all these sites and structures cannot be incorporated in a single trip, and therefore it is advisable to plan the trip in the right way to be sure of what all you prefer. However, from a bustling array of structures, do note down the Basilica del Voto Nacional. Situated on a hill-top in the area of Old Town, the Basilica overlooks a large part of the city from the height it is perched on. The panoramic views from the Voto Nacional are simple amazing. This church was constructed around the period of 1892 and represents a Neo-Gothic style in its architectural pattern.

Quito Church

Close to the church, is a café where you can unwind, and relax in the scenic views the café looks out to from a height. The café serves great espressos that will delight you and prepare to explore this beautiful Ecuadorian city with all the more zing and excitement. Just laying back in the casual vibe of the place is also an experience in itself. So, sit back and just relax in that all the place has to offer. Absorb the legacy of the bygone era, as against the contemporary culture which makes the city of Quito one of its kind and unrivaled by any other place in the world.

Apart from the wonderful city of Quito which is both culturally charged and comes about as a capital hub, Ecuador is filled with a vibrant backdrop and is favored by the all that it has to offer to the visitor coming in. The other major cities of Ecuador are the city of Riobamba, the city of Otavalo, the city of Cuenca, and also the city of Banos.

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