Eco Tourism – Making A Difference

Envisage this condition in your mind…. guys. If I go back to the past few decades fully determined about preventing the phenomenon ‘eco-tourism,’ for this purpose I give a speech on the concept of eco-tourism, what will people think about me, I mean that they will feel, why is this person blabbering unnecessarily and what rubbish is this guy uttering? Do you know why this? This is not because they are ignorant or because I am enlightened about this concept. This is because in past, there existed nothing like eco-tourism in real, it was there but somewhere huddled inside the pages of dictionary.

The nature has changed according to the changing times as “dynamism is the law of nature.” And so the concept of ‘Eco-tourism’ has evolved out of necessity. Today everyone fears the natural calamity comprising of adverse natural conditions like climate change, global warming, soaring temperatures and rising sea level. Everyone is trying to contribute something or the other to eco-tourism, if they expedite for a trip. No one wants to face any ill-consequences further; everyone loves their life and anything that has to do with repercussions of nature come across their way trembles them down the spine. Indirectly everyone fears the extinction of human beings.

Eco-tourism’s dictionary meaning puts forward the explanation as “Tourism involving travel to areas of natural or ecological interest, typically under the guidance of a naturalist, for the purpose of observing wildlife and learning about the environment.” It is traveling to natural areas with sense of moral responsibility to preserve the environment when visiting any wilderness. Also, people from different walks of life have understood its significance and increased practicing this. It has been reported by the ‘The International Eco-tourism Society’ (TIES) that “the eco-tourism has grown three times faster than the tourism industry on a global level.”

National Geographic ResearchAlso a National Geographic Research has concluded on that three quarters of the tourist actually worry about the concept of eco-tourism, but this raises a question above all the worries that whether they really practice things that are for the betterment and necessary for preserving the nature? However, this is difficult to find out.

Not only it has an adverse impact on the nature’s health, but it also affects the wildlife. It has been discovered that wherever human populace are entering, the fauna is depleting. Take the case of the Yellow-eyed penguin chicks in New Zealand that weighed low because they were incessantly visited by the human population all round the year compared to those who were visited less by the tourists. The matter however doesn’t end over here, the water giant- Whales have to lose their lives because tourists want to grab the sight of whales and in that chase they enter the waters on the ships and stride the whales. Also, researchers in Africa found that the animal species like meerkats and mongoose were stricken with human-borne diseases.

In no time, people now need to wake up from a long sleep and start practicing eco-tourism, so that environment is notEco-tourism harmed anymore. Wildlife specialist, Tharaniselvam Balakrishnan, based on India, suggests that, “eco-tourism being a new practice will work with time but initially the mistakes are bound to occur. Travelers should also take care of the environment. If everyone takes an oath to contribute just a little to the cause of global warming, I am sure the situation will soon improve.”

People should now account the desperate need of time and ultimately start acting in the way that is requisite and will help in preserving the purity of soothing nature.

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