Delighted noisy and crowded beach in Playa del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen maxico BeachArriving in Playa del Carmen has proved as a fascinating experience for my friends and me. This attractive beauty lies in Mexico and offers breathtaking and stunning beaches with all that a traveler actually needs. Now I realize why this place is the fastest growing town in Mexico. All the major share and credit goes to tourism. We were very much delighted to reach to this site after 2 months. The feeling was great. We all was thinking as if we left Mexico far behind and reached at the beach where hordes of most American tourists could be found.

Playa del Carmen is a striking Caribbean coastal strip that has busiest pedestrian main road. We enjoyed a lot at the beach called Fifth Avenue. When we walked ahead, saw many hotels, and ferry berth to Cozumel. Also the stretch of white sand with splendid turquoise water has fascinated us a lot, especially because there were not much of the crowds to disturb us. This was the spot where we spent our three days entirely. We went there during winter season but still the water there was so warm. But it doesn’t affected our days. We spent hour’s non-stop there by playing and swimming in the water.

This little beach was located next to the very exclusive looking Fisherman’s Beach Club. Here you can see guests lounged on lounge chairs, having meals, and enjoying some activities. We took a snorkeling trip out of Cozumel Island after having our breakfast, which is a piece of banana and ran harder to reach the pier. But unfortunately, our snorkeling trip was cancelled due to heavy winds and the seas were too choppy. No problem, we didn’t let the boring time enter into this fantastic moments. Even after missing that activity, we had a great time at the beach.

Cozumel Island

Three days was great, but let me tell you that eating at this town is very pricey. So instead of wasting so much of money in food we ordered some good and delicious food from nearby Mega and Wal-Mart and satisfied our stomachs into the room. It was an irony for us as this Coastal area along with Cancun is also a paradise for shopping. People throng here to enjoy this shopping destination with tax-free shopping. What we experienced worst here was that despite of tax free shopping the charges was 2 to 3 times more that the Mexican handicrafts or others.

There are some stunning boutiques and shops situated at the site, where I purchased some good materials for my family and of course, for me as well. Though the price was high, I managed to spend some to make the memories alive. The price was so high that for a 5 litre bottle of water we paid double charges. So make sure to loosen your pockets when you come here. However, most of the visitors to Cancun and Playa del Carmen do not reach beyond the beach strip, it is advisable to the visitors to go and pick up some cool Mexican souvenirs.

The best way to enjoy these beaches is – find a nice and small motel in the town, and use that saved money in diving, trekking, and other activities. You will also get souvenirs on the main street at Quinta Avenida, but instead of purchasing from there, you can have the same stuff in half price from the side streets. Here you will get many attractions close to Playa del Carmen and out of that, I really liked the Maya ruins of Tulum and Coba, which offers white sand beaches, snorkeling on Cozumal Island, which I have already mentioned, and various other Cenotes. Well, we enjoyed a lot and are very much excited to go there again, just to spend one more perfect holiday. And for that we will rent a beachside casa and will also hire some bikes to ride around. Remember, do not spent money by dining at the expensive restaurants. Make out some good alternatives.

Cozumel Island snorkeling

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  1. mark says:

    I just love beaches and love to explore new ones. This place looks very good and its worth a visit.

  2. Taylor says:

    Its carribean! One of the best beaches of the world are born here!

  3. Jacques says:

    This is one of the well known beaches in Carribean. it has got many tourists round the year!

  4. Lance says:

    One of the busiest beaches I’ve ever seen in the world. Its always full of people and totally lively :)

  5. Klusner says:

    Very informative article. Perfect place to spend with friends who is less worried for food ;)

  6. mac says:

    If you are a beach freak, this is the place to be. Amazing destination and yeah bike is must to enjoy nearby places.

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