Summer holidays in Davos, Switzerland

For hundred of years Davos has been attracting tourists from all over the world. In the mid twentieth century, the resort was known as the finest alpine ski resort. Originally, it was known for it refreshing climate only. Many aspect of that place have changed with time. But have you been to the highest city of Europe! Just away from the slope of Davos, surrounded by the mountains, amidst of it, a town is situated. That town is an excellent destination to spend summer holidays. If you visit this town, you would be shocked to know that this town is home of the World Economic Forum. You never know which world leader you might get to see!

The place is great for hiking, biking and water sports. Being surrounded by the Alpines Mountain who would miss out Davos hikingthe scenery by hiking or biking. The Swiss people always take time out and go around enjoy the scenery. Great place for clicking pictures as the natural beauty around, every amateur photographer’s pictures will look professional. More than hundred kilometers of countryside hiking and biking trails crisscrossing, giving some picturesque scenery, you will never forget!

Just an hour walk will reach you to Strelagrat peak which is two thousand five hundred and forty five meters hike. It gives the world’s most amazing scenic views you ever have seen. But if hiking is not enough and searching for more different ways to explore around, then try horse riding! If you are a beginner don’t worry, go to the CS Western Riding. There, they take lessons on horse riding from beginner to advance. Even with little knowledge and extra rider you can go out and explore the town. Horse riding in woods will be self-satisfying, wandering through forest and passing by mountains sometimes the fresh air of alpine will be tough on the muscles, so wear warm cloths.

Davos Lake

During summer, the Davos Lake is great place for sailing. It is filled by many rivulets which flow down from mountain Davos Lakeslopes. Windsurfers take advantage of brisk wind of the rivulets that blows downward from the slopes. The sport is favorite among the tourists and locals here. The Davos Lake is extremely clear and refreshing to spend peaceful time with oneself or loved ones. You can go on pedal sailing on this magnificent lake, even though climate will be freezing but still you won’t be able to stop yourself wander!


Another place where you can have fun and thrill, both together is Rhinerhorn. During winter, the place is popular destination for the skiers and during summer, this place has the most exciting ride down the slopes. The modified scoters!! Yes, you should try these machines which go up thirty miles per hour down the slopes on a mountain. The ride is bumpy and rough because of the loose gravel but thrilling and adventurous!

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  1. Aricka says:

    Switzerland is the lover’s paradise!

  2. Bianca says:

    Now a days there are many tourist places except this for snow sports but this is the ultimate place!

  3. Cortney says:

    Best place in Europe! People just love to go here.

  4. David says:

    Switzerland is among the most beautiful destinations from past decade!

  5. Eva says:

    Since childhood I’ve heard about Switzerland and it has been my dream destination! :)

  6. Falcon says:

    This place is known for its most amazing scenic beauty in the world!

  7. Graeme says:

    I’m sure heaven can’t be better than this. This place has been intact since ages! Today also people die to go here.

  8. Hill says:

    I always love to do adventure and thrilling sports especially if its different than others.

  9. Irene says:

    What a complete change in summers and winters! This is the place where you can enjoy all the season!

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