Cherishing The Moments During Best New Zealand Tours – Part III


Abel Tasman National Park:

This is the most renowned national park which experiences visits of large number of crowds. Lying at the coastal area, it is easily accessible and sprawls to an extensive range towards the northern end ranging in marble and limestone hills enlarging from Kahurangi National Park. The interiors of park are honeycombed with caves and potholes. There are various trails lined up in the park, one of them is an inland route, even though the Coast track is one of the favorites which brings in flocks of tourists.

Abel Tasman National Park


The city of volcanoes, with ridges of lava flows forms its own main path. Most of its cones render islands of green within the sea of suburbs. As it is the largest city, it is rich in culture and a cosmopolitan city in New Zealand. There is a massive Asian community that rubs its shoulders with the biggest Polynesian population of any city of the world.

The native kiwi’s ambitions to discover an autonomous house on a quarter acre section has triggered even much better results and created a sprawling grandeur city. The CBD has been long ago discarded for commercial purposes and inner-city apartment living has caught up. As the geographical land has been promising, there are no restrictions over construction, which has left the heart of city with architectural shame. If you want to explore the beautiful facet, then tour in the rows of Victorian and Edwardian villas located in its inner-city suburbs.

Fox glacier
Fox glacier:

Crowned the name after ‘Sir William Fox’, New Zealand’s Prime Minister in 1872, this frozen snow land is worth a visit, even if you have glanced the scenic Franz Josef Glacier. Roam alongside the fascinating lake Matheson and get lost in the mesmerizing glacier linked attractions like glacier walks. Or simply, grab fun by watching flights and tourists wearing thermals.


This enchanting spot is popular for its surfing adventures; it is tiny enough to evade the mass development, possibly because the kiwis choose to have a secured white sand east coast beaches. However, don’t worry it is big enough and affords lot of retreating activities. Also, the key attractions like good eateries and bars allure some well-known summer bands. It is perched to the south of the Raglan Harbor (Whaingaroa), and the alongside beaches brings in flocks of international tourists that come for taking breaks from the hustle bustle of the routine lives. The legendary flick of 1964 featuring Bruce Brown named ‘The endless summer’ was shot in Manu Bay. Also, the harbor is exciting as it offers for adventurous activities like kayaking and swimming. This city is famed to be the best looking city of New Zealand. Come visit here, as it is the perfect exotica and possesses the lovely charm which will certainly compel you to reshuffle your programs as you will crave for a long stay over here.

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