Charming Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas are splendid destinations, if visited while touring to Antarctica, especially with a combined trip to South Georgia; however visiting them separately lends extensive opportunities to explore the region fully. The land has a distinct atmosphere with a huge wildlife population of penguins, seals and albatrosses. Falkland Islands is located 490kms to the East of Patagonia, and is encircled by the South Atlantic. It also lays two main islands, East and West Falkland and more than 700 smaller ones that are spread over 12,713 sq km, which is almost same area as Northern Ireland or Connecticut.

It was Argentina’s military dictatorship, who made an imprudent decision of capturing Falkland in 1982; a small amount of people could barely pinpoint the location of this isolated archipelago. Accessing to this beautiful land was almost impossible until the Argentines built up an airport in 1977. However, the eleven-week war brought the islands in the limelight, at the cost of 900 Argentines and British Military deaths i.e. one for every three islanders.

At present, more than four-fifths of 3140 Falklanders a.k.a. Kelpers reside in Stanley. The Mt. Pleasant base shelters more than 1200 British military personnel. The rest of the islanders reside in ‘Camp’- the name given who stay outside Stanley. There are numerous smaller offshore islands amidst which few have been occupied. Its 60% populace consists of indigenous population amidst which few trace their precursors back to six or more generations. The rest of the populace comprises of immigrants hailing from U.K. The Falklands manage to preserve their rural characteristics, wherein the lands are lined up with 400km of roads, but yet there is not even a single traffic light.

Falkland Islands

Tourist attractions

Falkland Islands Museum:

Visit this superb museum and get a glimpse of spectacular assortment in Stanley.

Goose Green:

This is the legendary turbulent site where the violent struggles took place, visit here and pay your homage to those who died in Falkland war.

Goose GreenSea Lion Island:

This is an extraordinary and lively location as it affords eye-candy views of five different penguin species of Falkland.

Steeple Jason:

Explore the world’s largest terrain which houses massive numbers of black-browed albatrosses.

Places in and around


Perched at narrow isthmus bifurcating Lafonia from the northern half of East Falkland, it was entitled this name after small Charles Darwin toured in Falklands from 1833 to 1834 on HMS Beagle. He spent a night ashore, nearby to where the settlement is today. Past, Darwin served as the center for FIC’S Camp Operations. However, by 1920 this farm site was seen as too small for flourishing settlements and water shortages too irked. Therefore, over 2 years’ period the populace was transferred to the nearby Goose Green.

East Falkland:

This land has an excellent road network, comprising of a smooth highway that links it to Mt. Pleasant International airport and Goose Green. Although being bit larger than West Falkland, it shelters larger population. This might make you think that it is crowded with hordes of populace, but similarly like Stanley and Mt. Pleasant, even it is empty.

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