Bursting with thrill at Barbados

Would you like to be on a Caribbean tour where beaches offer much more than sand and surf?

If yes, then this time plan for exploring Barbados, a stunning Caribbean island standing apart from other such islands because of the unique beaches, cozy ambience, and homely comforts. Whether your budget is high or low and style is classic or modern, Barbados ensures an enjoyable vacation and never-erasing memories to its tourists as per their suitability. Funky, cheap, posh, or relaxing; all the comforts that you have at your home can be availed here. The main reason behind is that this island is among the most developed ones in the Caribbean.

Barbados Island

This wild Atlantic coast in the east is no less than a heaven for the surfers. In fact, trying out all types of sports such as hiking and diving is just like living a legend here. A trip to Barbados is a profitable deal and even though it is popular, you will not find any problem in making the island your own. The home of classic calypso rhythms and world-known rums can’t turn half a million people wrong including me. Now, this is the number of tourists that throng the island yearly.

Bridgetown in the south as the capital city itself is stunning with varied scenes and sights. This 350 years old town is proud to boast the western hemisphere’s most ancient synagogue as well as the third most ancient British Commonwealth’s parliament. Located on the borders of the town is the popular Garrison Historic area. In this zone, the Barbados Museum is worth a visit where the culture and heritage elements of the island are well preserved. Further, lush with heritage, you can also take a tour of seven galleries imparting educational details. After this, look for the George Washington House that is a legendary home of U.S. President George Washington. Did you know this was the only residence of the President outside America? On its upper floor, you will admire the museum housing the rich legacy of the island from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Barbados Museum

The central Barbados is a must for all the first time visitors. Offering great scenery amidst the undulating limestone hills, this region is the home to many top attractions. According to me, the

Harrisons Cave is the most outstanding sight here with many tourist attractions in and around. In this three-mile natural coral-limestone cave, you will be stunned to see the incredible geological features such as the unusually-shaped stalactites coming out from the roof, which radiates the stalagmites being born from the ground. And yes, the awesome mirror lake will just captivate your eyes and mind. You will be surprised to see the reflected surface and formations on the surface. Just make it sure that you visit this one or else you will be missing the gem of Barbados.

The Flower Forest is the next mind-blowing attraction on the island, which is accessible in some three minutes if you are at the Harrison’s Cave. Interestingly, this forest is situated at an altitude of 850 feet occupying over 45 acres of natural majesty and ingenious vistas. I suggest you to walk on its marked trails so that like me, even you too can enjoy the out of this world panoramic view of the rugged east coast.

If you are a nature aficionado, then do not just think of missing the Welchman Hall Gully in the central Barbados. In this small tropical forest reserve, you will come across a myriad of strange plants and trees such as clove, bamboo, nutmeg, and palms. The nature is set here at its best whose ambience and serenity cannot be even felt at the beaches of this island.

Welchman Hall Gully

There are a number of beautiful beaches in Barbados. One of them is in the area of the Barclays Park that is a picnic site. For some adventure, head to Bathsheba that is the ideal surfing destination and Mullins known for skiing and other sports.

The Ocean Park Aquarium as a dedicated sea aquarium is set in the beautiful gardens adorned with a variety of tropical flora and fauna found at the beachfront. In all here, 26 stunning aquariums reside housing the Caribbean fishes and other aquatic creatures including a few bizarre, but excellent fauna of the tropical seas. This is a total family treat.

Ocean Park Aquarium

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  1. Paula Anderson says:

    My sister and I had been to Barbados last year.Barbados is an awesome place with warm local people and lovely beaches.The sand on the beach is mostly white and as we move towards west from the South, the color changes to a beautiful golden hue! The North and the SouthEast of Barbados are beautiful..There are several lovely churches and architectural monuments from the historic era..If you take a walk down the countryside you’ll probably be lost and be captivated by its beauty and splendor.
    If you go on the Eastern side, the Barclays’ beach is a must visit.
    I just love Barbados!

  2. Felicity Cole says:

    Hi all! I went to Barbados for a fortnight and enjoyed my stay. The people here were amiable and really laid back. In the SouthEastern and Northern part of Barbados are filled with old churches and monastries from the British Empire. I went for the Catamaran trip and I was mighty pleased..I snorkeled with the turtles, over reefs into the sea! It was a fabulous experience.
    The beach waves on the SouthEastern coast are large Atlantic ocean waves and will almost gulp you down! So if you arenot a great swimmer, you should opt to go to the Western coast for milder sea waves for snorkeling or surfing!

  3. Gary Thompson says:

    Haha! Jolly good post! Reminded me of the wonderful time spent here with my wife, who was my girlfriend, back then!
    This was the place where we got engaged in the most awkward way! I wish to share it on your post..
    We had gone with friends to Barbados and we all loved the calm and lovely beaches on the Western coast.
    It was a Saturday night and my friends and I had gone to Fish Fry at Oistins, we had wholesome fish curry and cutlet with fish fry! Behind the fish market, there was this Alexis bar, i’m not sure if this place is still there..That night while dancing with the locals, I put the ring on her finger..It was a very memorable incident which we remember a lot even now. The atmosphere was splendid and thereafter we enjoyed watching the locals dance to the beats of Reggae music!

  4. Olive Fernandes says:

    Nice post! Thanks a lot for the places to visit in Barbados and the things to see here! :-)

  5. Philip Kafka says:

    If you go to Barbados, you must not miss the beaches on the Caribbean side..The Rockley beach with its golden white sand just looks fantastic! On the Atlantic side too beaches are great only that the waves are really powerful and will sweep you away, if you can’t swim that well. You need to have great swimming skills to combat the the strong ocean currents..While snorkeling, I certainly didn’t see the most number of fish, but snorkeled with the sea turtles and almost felt like I was swimming in an aquarium!

  6. Dr Dre says:

    I’ve been to Barbados, and it is not for nothing that I find this place so warm and nice. The food in one word is SUPERB! Grilled fish with local barbeque tasted heavenly! Fish cakes which tasted yummier than hush puppies and delicious fried plantains! And the grilled fish with peppercorn sauce..Grilled potatoes :-) And to top it all the yummy macaroni pie! It was no less than a feast!
    Also I was amazed at the large number of British tourists rather than American..Nice place! :-)

  7. Richard Browne says:

    When in Barbados, Casa Santo Domingo is a sure place to stay for your Antigua visit. You’ll find plenty of things to do here.There’s a candle shop, a huge art museum, and a mind-boggling view of the volcano from this place. The food and the decor are excellent!There’s a museum adjoining the Hotel which has Mayan ruins, a MUST -VISIT!

  8. Bella AckerMan says:

    I lived for the most part of my life in NY and town squares are the most hip and happening places in the city. Now, in Antigua The Plaza or the Parque Central is outstanding because it has history attached to it. The austere-looking Cathedral has the remanants of Bernal Diaz, the author of “the conquest of New Spain”..The facade of one of the long buildings next to the Cathedral is really amazing! On Saturday nights, a small band plays nice folk music in the arena and there are many little cafes and bars here.

  9. Jason Alexander says:

    Antigua is one of the best well-kept colonial towns in America..The entire city was built in a time period of three centuries inspired by Italian Renaissance.
    So, do come to Antigua Guatemala and breath in the easy atmosphere in a country which is known as the Country of Eternal Springs!
    Bon Voyage :-)

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